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Staff 2020-2021

Newspaper Club

Ema D.

8th Grade

Ema is an eighth grader at Julius West. She has been in Newspaper Club for three years and loves to write about current events and what’s going on at JW. When she isn’t at school or writing articles, she is usually at volleyball practice, out with her friends, or cuddling with her cat, Taffy.

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Ari F.

8th Grade

Ari is an eighth-grader here at JW. Ari loves to write articles about sports, news, and pop culture. During his free time, you can find Ari playing basketball, soccer, or video games.

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Sophie N.

7th Grade

Sophie is a seventh grader at Julius West Middle School. She loves writing reviews about books, TV shows, current events, Youtube videos, and movies. She wanted to join the Newspaper Club to share her thoughts and recommendations with others. After school and homework, she watches Netflix or Youtube, draws, dances, reads, cooks recipes she’s learned, or makes music videos from pictures or several clips from different TV shows or movies.

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Yegor K.

7th Grade

Yegor is a 7th grader at JW. He is most passionate about photography, technology, gaming, nature and video editing. Joining to expand his skills in writing and topics for YouTube, Yegor quickly fell in love with Newspaper Club from the first meeting. You can find him taking photos while camping, doing some hardcore gaming, building computers, editing for the Morning Roar, or walking with his wonderful dog Nova.

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Petra P.

7th Grade

Petra is a 7th grader currently attending Julius West Middle School. She enjoys writing and is thrilled to be a part of the school newspaper. She also loves to read and write, but she loves her dog Caesar even more. You can find her writing, fishing, fencing, drawing, animating, hiking, or exploring the garden with her dog.

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Aurora R.

7th Grade

Aurora is a 7th grader at JWMS who loves writing just about anything, but she loves writing fantasy the most. She joined the school newspaper to inform students about current events. In her free time, you can find her writing, dancing, drawing, playing with her cat, or just watching Netflix on her bed.

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Ani B.

6th Grade

Ani is a 6th grader at Julius West. The reason why she joined Newspaper Club is because she loves writing stories and expressing her thoughts and creativity. She loves writing about sports, such as soccer and basketball, because she loves the competition and the aggressiveness in sports. There's always exciting news that happens in sports, and Ani loves reporting on everything from players’ injuries to competitive match-ups.. Ani hopes to spend her time writing about sports in Newspaper Club.

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Brooke B.

6th Grade

Brooke is presently in 6th grade and loves to read and write. She’s excited about the Newspaper Club because she gets to write stories and share them with people. She loves to try new things. She also loves swimming, skiing, nature, dogs, and cooking. Writing is something special, a gift, that she values in life. Brooke can’t wait to start with her first story here at the Newspaper Club!

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Eyual G.

6th Grade

Eyual is a 6th grader at Julius West. He joined the Newspaper Club because he likes writing fictional stories. When he writes stories, he likes to write mysteries. An interesting fact about him is that he enjoys playing basketball and watching movies.

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Maya G.

6th Grade

Maya is a 6th grader at Julius West Middle School. She loves to write informative articles about events happening at JWMS. She joined the Newspaper Club to become a better writer and to interview people about their opinions because she finds different people's opinions interesting. In her free time, you can find her running, swimming, crafting, and baking. She can't wait to start her next article for The Roaring Gazette!

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Nuala G.

6th Grade

Nuala is in 6th grade. She likes to write opinion pieces, but she could just write about any topic. Nuala loves to swim and run. Another hobby of hers is sewing things like bags, pillows, face masks, and sleeping masks, among other projects. Nuala also enjoys baking and cooking for friends and family. She wanted to join the Newspaper Club because she loves to share her opinion on things, and writing gives her a way to express herself.

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Matan R.

6th Grade

Matan is a 6th grader at Julius West. He joined The Roaring Gazette because he loves writing about his thoughts and beliefs and expressing his opinions. He enjoys writing articles about current events, movies, video games, and more. When Matan isn’t doing schoolwork, he loves playing sports (especially soccer), Roblox, reading, watching TV, and spending time with his adorable rabbit, Snowball.

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Aiyla S.

6th Grade

Aiyla Sheikh is a sixth grader at Julius West who enjoys writing fantasy and fiction novels. She likes to play intense games of badminton and reads even more intensely.

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Keira T.

6th Grade

Keira is a 6th grader at Julius West Middle School. A couple facts about her is that she loves playing soccer and playing with friends, and she loves to bike. She loves learning, giving advice, reading, and working with friends. She is creative and kinda bossy, and she likes to experiment. She joined the Newspaper Club because she is interested in writing factual and fictional things.

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Megan T.

6th Grade

Megan is currently a 6th grader, attending her first year at Julius West Middle School.  She loves playing soccer and has been playing for 6 years.  Presently, she is on a club soccer team.  Furthermore, she loves reading and writing stories and articles, which is why she wanted to be a part of The Roaring Gazette team. “Writing is just a fun addition to reading,” she claims. Megan enjoys writing various types of genres, including fantasy, mystery, and adventure, and she is super excited to start writing more!

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Brice Y.

6th Grade

Brice is a 6th grader at Julius West Middle School. He likes using electronic devices, such as computers, mobile devices, and televisions. He plays way too many video games. Brice’s best typing speed was 48 wpm with 96%-98% accuracy. Brice also likes to play soccer.

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