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Closing of the Phantom and the Opera by Simone F.

The Phantom of the Opera is a horror novel romance. The novel is inspired by historical events during the 19th century. Unfortunately, "The Phantom of the Opera" Broadway show has decided to close. This is surprising because of all the success it's had in the past.

According to the New York Post, “[There have been] more than 13,000 performances since “Phantom” opened on Jan. 26, 1988 at the Majestic Theatre.” At the end of the day, "The Phantom of the Opera" has been the longest running Broadway musical.

The musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber has received 70 theater awards, including seven Tony awards and four Oliver awards. "The Phantom of the Opera" has sold 19.8 million tickets and 1.3 billion dollars worth of ticket sales. However, ticket sales have declined since the pandemic. Production costs, which were high to begin with, have risen as a result of inflation. According to the production, it has employed about 6,500 people, including 400 actors. Its upcoming closing has prompted ticket sales, bringing 2 million within 24 hours of the announcement. After "The Phantom of the Opera" closes, "Chicago" is going to be the longest running active Broadway show, having debuted its performance in 1996.

"The Phantom of the Opera" was originally announced to have its final performance at the Majestic Theatre on February 18, 2023, but the musical will now close on April 16, due to the increased demand for tickets since announcing its final performance. Although "Phantom" is closing, it goes down in history as one of the greatest Broadway musicals.

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