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Little Women: The Novel or the Movie? by Aiyla S.

When prolific author Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women was first published in 1868, realms of fervid readers were absorbed by the book.

Since then, there have been several films based upon the widely popular novel, the most recent having been released on December 25, 2019. Alcott’s classic novel is still adored by zealous readers due to the uniquely verbose prose, the fictional plot’s relatable, engrossing authenticity, and the realistic yet original characters. Likewise, the most recent movie retelling Little Women is admired for many of the same qualities, making both the novel and the movie roaring successes. However, while the movie is orchestrated extremely well, I found Louisa May Alcott’s deft manner of telling this story to be unsurpassed by the film.

While the novel, like many other books, follows a chronological format, in the most recent film adaptation, the story takes a unique twist on storytelling. The film---starring Emma Watson as Meg March, the eldest of the four main characters; Saoirse Ronan as Jo March, the second eldest sister; Eliza Scanlen as Beth March, the second youngest sister; and Florence Pugh as Amy March, the youngest of the four March sisters---is told in a sequence that begins in the midst of the story. From there, it gradually shows flashbacks from the past, when the novel starts.

However, the novel and the movie both present the same general plot line---it is the late 1800s, and warfare is rife all around the four March sisters, who are impecunious and struggle to support themselves and their mother. Meanwhile, their father is a draftee in the raging war. Being virtually penniless, the four March sisters are forced to work daily, despite their longing to be able to nurture their skills---but even when they continue to relinquish as much as they do throughout their plight, everything still comes with a price.

The story will not only entertain you with its engaging twists and admirable characters, but it will also flabbergast you with its originality and the themes it addresses. Both the novel and the film are certainly worth reading and viewing, and both will resonate with you long after you have finished them.

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