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SGA Elections by Ema D.

With the real elections coming to an end, the SGA elections have just begun! SGA is our Student Government Association here at JW, with students dedicated to making the community a better place from all grade levels! Specifically, the focus has recently been on the president and vice president. During JAG, the videos for each candidate were presented to all classes so every student could get an idea of which candidates they thought would be the best leaders. The presidential candidates for the 2020-2021 SGA elections are Caroline Kaye, Jontevious Young, and Natalie Marmelstein. The candidates for vice president are Becca Fulton, Jaymar Examen, Johnell McConnell, Ruby Thier, and Petra Patcher.

To watch the campaign videos, you can visit the SGA elections announcement on your West MS class on MyMCPS. Or you can visit the link here: SGA Elections

If the speeches presented by each candidate were not enough for you to fully understand the contenders, you can join the zoom meet and greet, where you can ask questions and get more information. The zoom meeting information is also available on the SGA slides linked previously.

Voting will take place during the JAG period on Friday, November 13th, so be sure to educate yourself on each applicant. In order to decide, you can consider why each candidate would be a great fit for the position as well as what they have mentioned in their speeches that convinced you as a voter. SGA is a big part of our school life and community, so remember, use your votes to make JW an even better school than it already is!

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