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Top 5 Easter Chocolates to Satisfy Your Cravings by Megan T.

*CAUTION: Reading this may make you hungry and crave the sweet indulgences within this article!*

There are a variety of holidays that have their own unique twist to them. One of those holidays is Easter. You can NEVER say no to their Easter-themed candy; they are cute, delicious, and innovative. Here are my rankings from best to worst.

1. Godiva’s Hollow Bunny

Since this chocolate is hollow, you can easily bite into it or crush it, whichever you prefer. However, it is so smooth, creamy, and milky. It melts in your mouth, and even better, it is shaped like a bunny!

2. Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate-Shaped Egg

If you’re a big lover of peanut butter, this one's for you! There is a perfect ratio of chocolate to peanut butter. It is scrumptious, smooth, and the perfect egg shape.

3. Lindt’s Carrot:

These chocolates are so crunchy, with the perfect ratio of chocolate and an additional quantity of hazelnuts. If you are familiar with Ferrero Rocher chocolate, this is a very similar treat.

4. M&M’s (Easter color):

Despite the colors looking eccentric and beautiful, these M&M’s taste the same as their original version. Similar to the original, it melts perfectly in your mouth. It is still very good, but the diversity of flavors could improve.

5. Cadbury’s Crème Egg:

I love Cadbury chocolate, but these eggs are quite sweet. If you aren’t a fan of extra sweet, gooey chocolate, this isn’t for you. The creme is filled, and it has a caramel consistency. Additionally, I love the details in which there is a candy egg yolk.

Easter chocolate is so unique but yet so salivating. Next Easter, be sure to have these candies in your basket, but you don’t even need to wait! You could still try getting them now!

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