Staff 2022-2023

Newspaper Club - The Roaring Gazette

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Suvir S.

8th Grade

Suvir is an 8th grader at Julius West. When he’s not writing articles, Suvir enjoys swimming, playing and watching sports, and hanging out with his friends. He looks forward to writing many interesting sports articles in his last year at JW!

Alona A.

7th Grade

Alona is in 7th grade and very excited to be in Newspaper club to inform the school! Alona enjoys English and Theatre class. She collects old pennies and likes to spend her time drawing, solving puzzles, playing chess, and being with her friends and family! Alona’s favorite holiday is Hanukkah, but she also likes Halloween and Valentine's Day.

Angie F.

7th Grade

Angie (she/they) is a 7th grader at JW. Their favorite subjects are English and Science. She spends a majority of her time on YouTube looking at videos and is also looking forward to making a YouTube channel. They like soccer, acting, cartoons, manga, horror games, and hanging out with friends. Angie has no siblings. The reason why she joined the Newspaper Club is because one of their friends joined the club and said it was a good decision to join.

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Daniel K.

7th Grade

Daniel is a 7th Grader at JWMS. This is his second year joining the Newspaper Club. He recently got a cat, though he doesn't know where he goes when he gets back home. Daniel likes to write articles and short chapter stories.  He hopes everyone has a good year at Julius West!

Shayan K.

7th Grade

Shayan in a 7th grader at JW. He likes to play soccer, solve rubik’s cubes, and play video games and board games. Shayan has a younger brother that is in 3rd grade. The reason why he joined Newspaper Club is because he like writing about different topics.

Raymond W.

7th Grade

Raymond is in 7th grade. He likes potatoes and tomatoes. He can be found in his house and has a sister and parents. He also reads and watches YouTube in his free time.

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Lexi A.

6th Grade

Lexi is a 6th grader who is very excited to join the Newspaper Club! Her favorite subjects are History and French!  She loves blueberries, writing fantasy stories, hiking, animals, playing the cello, and reading. She also plays tennis and does horseback riding! 

Fun facts: She loves Stranger Things. She has a large collection of rocks. She likes dragons and all other mythical creatures. She also has two dogs and two horses. 

Calvin C.

6th Grade

Calvin is a 6th grader who joined The Roaring Gazette because of his passion for writing. In fact, he has written more than 45 books since 1st grade. In 3rd grade, he founded “Class News,” a daily newspaper on recent school events. In his spare time, Calvin enjoys playing violin and building airplanes with Legos.

Simone F.

6th Grade

Simone is a 6th grader at Julius West Middle School. Simone is excited to be a part of the Newspaper Club because she likes to write. She enjoys writing about history and mystery. Simone’s favorite food is sushi, and her favourite series at the moment is Stranger Things.

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Mairead G.

6th Grade

Mairead Gormley is in 6th grade. One of her favorite things to do is play sports like tennis. She also enjoys History and French classes. Something she wants you to know is that her favorite candy is surprisingly Caramel Chocolate. Her favorite hobbies are watching TV, hanging out with friends, and playing tennis. She also likes writing and reading stories.

Ava P.

6th Grade

Ava is a 6th grader who loves horror games, drawing, photography, reading and Gravity Falls. She has a YouTube channel and loves YouTube shorts. She also loves Sprite and McDonald's. She loves baking too.

Juno S.

6th Grade

Juno is currently a 6th grader who attends Julius West Middle School. He enjoys writing short stories and informational pieces about animals. His favorite animal is the penguin, and his favorite book series is Harry Potter. He is  hoping to be able to increase his writing skills by participating in this club.