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A Cross Country Dream Team by Aditi B.

Julius West Middle School recently wrapped up their cross country season, and wow, it was great! Coaches Mrs. Joanna Martinez-Mack and Mrs. Schaefer worked very hard to coach the talented runners this year, and they dedicated time to help motivate these gifted student-athletes during practice.

When asked about her runners, Mrs. Martinez-Mack replied, “The students on the cross country team this season were the “Dream Team!” Ms. Schaefer and I were new coaches to cross country, so we depended on our students to help us get to know the sport. We learned from the students and they learned from us, and not only that, they were an excellent running team! We ended up having a winning season!”

Coach Martinez-Mack rated the cross country’s team performance a ten out of ten and stated that the girls won three competitions out of four, and the boys won two competitions out of four! Due to their strong work ethic and willingness to improve areas of needs, everyone on the team had a new personal record by the end of the season. The team also had a lot of fun in the process.

This goes to show that having motivated coaches along with driven student-athletes equals a sensational team.

Mrs. Martinez-Mack also described her experience co-coaching with Ms. Schaefer. “I feel so lucky to have worked with Ms. Schaefer! She is an awesome teacher and an amazing coach! She and I work well as a team, and without her, it would not have been the same! This is actually our second time working closely together since we also went to Costa Rica together earlier this year.”

Even though she was new to coaching, Mrs. Martinez-Mack expressed that when given the opportunity to coach cross country she agreed, and it was really fun! “I learned throughout life that when you are given opportunities, you take them! You will always come out learning something new from that opportunity!” she said enthusiastically. A true motto to live by, indeed!

For any students interested in joining the team in the future, Mrs. Martinez-Mack shared, “I would say if you enjoy running and love a competitive atmosphere, please come join us next year for a season of cross country! It’s all about running and having fun!”

Being part of a team is a memorable experience. Just as talented Coach Martinez-Mack advertised, if you’re an upcoming 7th or 8th grader (future 6th graders also welcome) interested in a collaborative and motivating environment, join the Cross Country team next year for the 2020 season!

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