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A Great Season for JW Girls Softball by Raha M.

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

A couple of weeks ago, the Julius West girls softball team played their final match against Robert Frost Middle School, when they scored seven runs in the last inning. They ended the year with three wins, one tie and one loss. This year also marks the first year the team had their own home field, thanks to the new turf fields. The softball team’s coach, Ms. Carado, learned a lot from this awesome team, but most notably how “teamwork and effort always equal success” and how her players were able to maintain positive attitudes even through rough patches. According to her, the best moment of the season was when “all of the girls stepped up” and the team rallied back in the seventh inning of the last game to score seven runs! Ms. Carado’s proudest moment all season was watching how much her athletes grew throughout the season. The MVP this season was Dylan L., who consistently led the team, while Yasmin B. and Lianna M. were the JAG players of the year for their team spirit. As a whole, the team exhibited great sportsmanship and skill throughout the season.

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