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Book Review: Red Queen by Connie C.

Are you looking for a book to read that has romance, suspense, and huge plot twists? Then you should consider reading Red Queen. Red Queen is a book that has all of those factors, and more. There are five books to the quartet; Red Queen, Glass Sword, King’s Cage, War Storm, and Broken Throne.

The author of the series is Victoria Aveyard. She published Red Queen in 2015 and continued the series until 2019, when Broken Throne was published and the series officially came to an end. The author has confirmed that the books are going to be made into a TV series, but we don’t know when.

Red Queen is a mix of both fantasy and romance. Mare Barrow’s world is divided by blood - Red and Silver. Mare’s family and friends are all common Reds, meant to serve the Sliver, people gifted with supernatural abilities that make them superior compared to Reds. When Mare discovers a power she didn’t know she had, the King tries to hide the impossibility of it by making her pretend she’s a long-lost Silver princess betrothed to one of his sons.

The character’s love interest, Maven Calore, is a Silver prince that was betrothed to Mare. His brother, Cal, is a prince who is an heir apparent and is waiting to become king. Both Maven and Cal are burners. Burners have the ability to manipulate heat and fire. They all are a part of House Calore, with their parents, King Tiberias, who is an oblivion, and Queen Elara, who is a whisper. Oblivions have the ability to explode anything in their touch if they choose to do so.

There are many houses and powers, with a total of 27 Silver houses and 24 supernatural abilities (not including Newblood abilities). After Mare discovers a power of her own, she also is forced to join House Titanos, despite not being a Silver. In order to keep Mare’s blood a secret, she needs to make sure that she doesn’t get hurt to the point where she bleeds, and to the point where everyone sees that she has red blood. Nobody except House Calore is supposed to know Mare’s secret. If everyone finds out, she could be possibly killed.

You should read Red Queen because it is the perfect combination of fantasy and romance, with one big plot twist that will leave you speechless. I, personally, enjoyed this book a lot, and I am looking forward to finishing the book series. So, if you are looking for another book to read, consider reading the Red Queen quartet!

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