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Does Living a Minimalist Lifestyle Make for a Happier Life? by Brooke B.

Minimalists are individuals who only live with the things they need and don't worry about all the extra things people might want. This world is full of products and gadgets that may bring “joy” to life; however, minimalists don’t believe that. Instead of feeling the pressure to buy the latest and greatest things, minimalists prioritize living with less. Can being a minimalist make for a happier and stress-free life?

Everyone wants the newest technology, clothing, makeup, toys, such as the latest Gucci bag or Rolex watch. It all builds up until there’s no more space, and it's time to clean out to buy more. Have you ever wondered what life would be like without buying all that stuff? Would you feel happier or deprived without the things that fill your wants?

Ask yourself: do all these things I buy bring me joy or happiness? Do they have a deeper meaning or purpose in my life? Or are all these wants actually distracting me from the real radiance in life? Stop chasing possessions, and invest your time into forming relationships, pursuing gratitude for the things you have, and trying to developing a good mindset, as well as growing emotionally and spiritually.

Starting off as a minimalist can involve giving. Giving away things is a great way to spread kindness and start the journey of valuing people and experiences over possessions. If it's giving away one of your toys to the kid down the street whose parents struggle with money or dropping a pile of clothing off at Goodwill, giving can make the human heart happy. True happiness doesn't come from possessions, it comes from making others happy. Start spreading a ripple of kindness, and you’ll already feel better!

Finding your way to a minimalist lifestyle is an adventure, through the heart and soul. We can get caught up in this world and all the gifts and goodies it has to offer. We envy people for what they have. The bigger house, the fancier car, more money, and all of those things that really don’t matter. You could have all the money in the world, but still be poor in happiness. On second thought, you could be poor with little to give, but rich in joy and gratitude.

Life isn’t about chasing after luxurious belongings, it is about finding your true purpose in life and living it with gratitude, which is the most rewarding accomplishment. Making room for what matters most in life is what’s important.

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