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Encanto - The New Disney Soundtrack by Matan R.

Encanto was a fantastic movie made by Disney. It is now streaming on Disney+, and it has

become very well known for its music. The basic plot is that the main character, Mirabel Madrigal, has a magical family. Their magic was given when their grandfather sacrificed himself, and they were gifted with a magic candle.

The candle gave them a magic house and each new family member got a special power once they turned a certain age. All but one - Mirabel. She was the only one who didn’t have a special power. When young Antonio got his power, during the celebration, Mirabel noticed that the whole house was crumbling. Her grandmother, matriarch of the family, convinced everyone that nothing was wrong, but young Mirabel wouldn’t listen.

She was determined to find out what was wrong with the magic, so she went on a quest (yeah I know, just like every Disney movie) through the Madrigal mansion through the mysterious Bruno’s door to figure out what she needs to do to save the family. While questing around the Madrigal Mansion, she finds out a lot of things. Some were quite disturbing, but obviously, she ultimately fixes the magic.

The plot was okay. It was interesting and unique in some ways, but very much like every other Disney movie. The soundtrack is what really makes the movie successful.

Many of the songs were written by Lin Manuel Miranda, the creator of Hamilton. My favorite, as well as many people I know, is "Surface Pressure," the song about Luisa. "We Don’t Talk About Bruno" was also very noteworthy, however, and now has surpassed "Let it Go" (from Frozen 2013) in popularity.

All of the songs were fun to listen to, but some were definitely better than others. If you haven’t already seen Encanto or even if you have seen it, I’d highly recommend watching it. It’s streaming for free with no ads on regular Disney+, so it isn’t that hard to find these days. Overall, I’d rate it 8/10.

That’s what I think of Encanto, the new Disney Soundtrack. I made a Google form (click here) if you want to let me know what song was your favorite. (I’ll be posting results in a week or so if I get enough responses.) Thanks for reading!

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