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Interview with a Transfer Student by Angie F.

Imagine moving from Iowa to Maryland with no idea about what you might find. Well, that is precisely what my friend Nigel had to go through. In this article, we are going to dive deep into Nigel’s personality, interests, and experience at Julius West. So strap in and enjoy the ride.

Note: The person interviewed wished not to be called by their actual name and will be referred to as Nigel.

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Q: So, for the first question, what is your favorite thing about Julius West?

A: I like the stuff that they teach, such as history.

Q: How do you feel about school life? I mean, schools differ from state to state, right?

A: It's okay, and not too different from my old school.

Q: Do you have a favorite teacher?

A: Nope, I haven’t decided yet.

Q: What is your favorite MYP profile trait?

A: Knowledgeable, because knowledge is helpful for many things, such as quizzes and appearing intelligent.


Q: Do you miss your old school, friends, and all?

A: Yes, but I do have a friend in Utah that I still talk to.

Q: What do you think about your friends in Maryland?

A: They are great friends.

Q: Hm, well then, what do you think of friendship in general?

A: It is a good thing because it creates bonds and social connections and helps you have something fun to do during school.

Q: Can you describe in detail what it felt like to go to JW for the first time?

A: I felt like I had to understand what was going on. So it wasn’t that bad.


Q: Let's jump away from school for a bit. Now, for the big question, pizza or ice cream?

A: Pizza, if it's pepperoni or cheese, but I would choose ice cream if it's a more exotic flavor, such as lychee.

Q: Hmm, well, I like cheese and vegetarian pizza. I also enjoy all ice cream flavors, but chocolate is my favorite. Well, time for another random question. What do you think about love triangles in cartoons and anime?

A: Well, I think it is uncreative, so I don’t like them that much.

Q: On an unrelated note, what do you think of YouTube?

A: It has many interesting videos.

Q: Can you please elaborate further?

A: You can find a video about almost anything on it.

Q: Nice, that’s a good reason. Well, I guess this is it. Thanks for letting me interview you.

A: You're welcome! Have a great day!

There you have it. We found out more about Nigel. Now you know his personality, interests, and experience at Julius West. If you moved here, then you’re not alone! In fact, there are lots of people who are just like you, and I hope that this interview has made you realize that you’re not alone and a lot of people have transferred to JW one way or another.

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Daniel Kalinsky
Daniel Kalinsky
24 de abr. de 2023

But madam, I don't know what his interests are because it doesn't say something like his favorite hobby, sport, or things he likes to do. I am a little confused about this. Can ye elaborate further if possible? :D

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