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Movie Review: Turning Red by Molli C.

Turning Red is a new animation brought to you by the Pixar film about a young girl named Meilin Lee. She is a girl living back in 2002 dealing with navigating growing pains, but there is a twist when Meilin gets too excited she turns into a giant red panda.

This animated movie is very feel-good film and makes you laugh. It was very relatable and heartwarming. The animation was incredible, and it was on the top of the list of must-watch Pixar movies.

The cast of the Turning Red movie fits the characters so well because the reactions and the voices are truly spot on. Domee Shi, who is the director of this film, is the first woman to solo direct any Pixar film in the 36 years that it has been an animation studio. For Rosalie Chiang who voices Meilin, this is her first-ever feature film, and her first voiceover as well.

This movie was really good, and it was amazingly cast and directed. If you love coming of age stories and comedies, you'll love Turning Red!

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