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Movie Review: WW84 by Keira T.

As the second movie following a wonderful character, Wonder Woman 1984 is an astonishing film. Released on Christmas Day, this movie has such twisting scenes that will stun you for ages.

The theme portrayed throughout this movie is that to find success in life, you need skill, patience, and complete honesty. In the 1980’s, Wonder Woman keeps a low profile, performing valiant acts while being incognito. She has a strong desire for something she misses. But soon, Diana will not have the chance to be selfish. She will need to muster all of her wisdom and strength to fend off two malicious characters that are willing to decimate the world to get what they want.

Meet the Characters

Meet Diana Prince:

Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) is an immortal Amazon currently living in 1984. She knows many myths about the Dreamstone, something she will come across while meeting a special person in the film. She does everything in her power to keep her world safe from those who use things too wildly.

Meet Barbara Minerva:

Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wiig) is a nerdy and friendly yet shadowed and unpopular woman. When she crosses paths with Diana, she is starstruck by her Amazon powers. Originally, she just wants to become pretty and strong like Diana, but Barbara becomes too obsessed with keeping her power and eventually becomes something that can destroy Diana.

Meet Maxwell Lord:

Depicted as an eager and power-hungry businessman, Max Lord is influenced by the one and only Dreamstone, not realizing until the end what he is doing wrong and why he needs to stop. He never realizes he has makes many terrible choices that affect his whole family. His son, Alistair Lord has believed in him since the beginning, and Alistair means the world to Maxwell Lord.

All in all, WW84 is an inspiring and astounding movie, one that audiences will enjoy, what with all of the phenomenal twists, turns, and betrayals. This movie is extraordinary and will teach you an important lesson, one that you can follow for your whole life.

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