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No Place for Hate (NPFH) Door Competition by Isabel D.

Our school, Julius West MS, had an identity door competition recently. Every first period class decorated their class door to represent their class identity. The majority of students participated and included a part that represented them on the door. The doors were made to show JW pride and show that our school is "No Place for Hate." As a bonus, the winning doors’ classes earned donuts. The door competition is over, but I managed to catch an interview with Mr. Brauch, a 6th grade math teacher, whose class was one of the winners.

Q: Mr. Brauch, how do you feel about winning the door competition?

A: I feel very proud of my 1st period students. They were the ones who designed and created our amazing door! They collaborated and worked so well in bringing together many ideas for our identity door. Watching them discuss ideas and work together in executing their ideas was awesome!

Q: What gave you the idea for your door?

A: First, we looked at the ideas provided in the NPFH slides. Then, each student brainstormed their own ideas! Each student shared out their ideas and we voted on our top choice!

Q: Do you have any tips for others?

A: Let the students shine and use their own creativity! Each student contributed in different ways. We were able to use each student’s individual creativity and tie it together on our identity door!

Q: How would you like to change next year's competition?

A: I wouldn’t change it! Celebrating our school as No Place for Hate was amazing. The door competition was a lot of fun for the students. Taking time to design the door was a nice break from our regular class schedule, and it really brought out the amazing school spirit at JW!

Even though NPFH Week is over, this doesn't mean the door decorations will be coming off. They are all still on, and I think they will stay on (at least, I hope for a little longer!) to remind us to be kind and inclusive of everyone.

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