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Spicing Up the Year with Perspectives On Valentine’s Day by Megan T.

It’s finally that time of year when you get to spread more love to everyone. It’s the week after Valentine’s Day, a worldwide celebration to express joyful feelings! Although you are supposed to love your friends and family all year, Valentine’s Day celebrations can vary in many ways. Eating more chocolate, watching romantic movies, or just taking more time to relax and break from your daily routine. There are several different types of celebrations, and here are how some of our Julius West Jaguars celebrate Valentine's Day.

Let’s start off with Nadia B. She goes out to a fancy dinner or lunch. This year, instead of her dad being her Valentine, it’s going to be her dog, Scout. Scout’s birthday was two days before Valentine’s Day, so she received a cake that Nadia baked for her. Also, Nadia makes sure she gets lots of chocolate. On the contrary, Brooke B. makes crafts and gives them out to her family and friends. She always has time to spread her love too! Similarly, Carrington hands out her cards to her friends and family. She also enjoys Dove and Hershey’s chocolate. On the other hand, Gwen H. hangs around like it is a normal day, but she treats herself with pickles. She has fun with family and friends too.

In regard to teachers, Ms. Shayuth gets very amused by watching movies, along with eating some salivating chocolate covered strawberries. Mrs. Bobay has a nice dinner with her husband. Additionally, she sometimes surprises him with small gifts, and he buys her her favorite flowers. Mrs. Messing gives out fun cards to her family. To spice everything up, she has a nice dinner with her family. This year, she enjoys making hot chocolate bombs and embellishing cake pops. Our principal, Mr. Staton usually goes out to get his favorite pizza with his wife. Due to the pandemic, he will order out to celebrate. Ms. Chan doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but on the bright side, her parents’ wedding anniversary is on this lovely day. She celebrates her parents, and her father gives flowers to her and her sisters.

When it is Valentine’s Day, I get super excited. I get to have scrumptious chocolate and eat it while playing games with my parents.

Whether or not you celebrate Valentine’s Day, there is always a time to show love. There are many unique traditions from different families, and it is very fascinating to learn them.

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