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TV Show Review: The Queen's Gambit by Taiwo B.

The Queen's Gambit is an original Netflix show released October 23, 2020. The Queen's Gambit is about abandoned orphan Beth Harmon. Beth has dreams of becoming a chess master. Throughout her journey, she suffers from emotional problems, drugs, and alcohol dependency. While in the orphanage, she meets a janitor who helps her on her journey. Early on, she realizes that the pills that they give the girls at the orphanage can make her see a chessboard. After spending about five years in the orphanage every day growing her chess skills, she eventually gets adopted by Allston and Alma Wheatley.

In her new town, she further develops her love for chess by joining the state chess championship with no experience. Over the course of the show, Beth continues her journey of becoming a chess master.

I personally loved the show. The show gave a good description of Beth’s emotions throughout the show and how she deals with them. Writers do a good job of showing how some people may deal with addiction and keep it hidden from friends and family.

I would rate the show a 4 out of 5 stars due to the fact that there are some plot events in the show that are not fully tied up at the end. I would recommend this show to people who have a deep passion for chess or can relate to having to deal with devastating factors threatening to ruin their goals and dreams.

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