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4 Tips for Picking the Perfect Holiday Gift for Friends and Family by Megan T.

December is often considered a season of giving, and a number of holidays are getting closer and closer. Although the idea of presents and gift-giving is supposed to be enjoyable, the reality is that shopping can be stressful or even chaotic. During the holiday season, people strive to pick out the perfect gifts, and what is supposed to be a positive experience can end up feeling overwhelming. Gifts are all about how much love and thought you put in them, but they also have to be reasonable too.

Here's some advice on how to pick the best gift for your friends and family.

1. Try to figure out what the person enjoys.

This helps so much because by knowing what they enjoy, you can buy gifts that relate to their hobby. For instance, if my friend really likes soccer, I would buy something soccer-related.

2. Try to figure out what they need and ask for some suggestions.

To use my earlier example, say my friend really enjoys soccer but has plenty of soccer items. By thinking about what my friend needs, I will have better, more specific ideas of what to buy. Additionally, if you do ask for a wishlist, try to have at least five suggestions, so the gift you do choose can be more of a surprise.

3. Buy something unique and a gift they will always remember.

Having a unique gift doesn’t mean it is unique to you, but it is what you think is special for the recipient. There are a lot of common gifts like books, socks, etc. Buying an uncommon gift could mean there is a smaller chance for the person to get a duplicate gift too. Ideas for unique gifts could be custom designs on cups or bags, a plant, and even more! There are a lot of uncommon gifts that you haven’t thought of yet. Having a homemade gift means a lot more though. It is something that nobody else could make and has a lot more love in it.

4. Make sure to include a gift receipt and a card.

Although including a gift receipt showing the price might not be the best, it can be a thoughtful idea because it gives the recipient more options--and some stores can hide the price of the purchased item. Just in case, if my friend doesn’t like the gift I got them, they can always return it and exchange it for something else they like! Include a card saying why you are thankful for them and saying why you got that gift for them. Lastly, end by wishing them a lovely holiday or a lovely birthday.

Remember that having the perfect gift can take patience, thought, and effort. Hopefully, you can use these tips to help you anytime you need to buy a gift, not just for the holidays.

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