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How to Increase Your Typing Speed by Shayan K.

Imagine you were absent and you had to rush to meet the deadline for an assignment you had written on paper but you needed to type on the computer. Instead of pecking one letter at a time, trying to locate where the letters are, what if you didn’t even have to look? The ability to type is something that is very common in everyday life, and especially in school

If you do not know how to properly type, which is to have your fingers on the home row and not look at the keyboard, then this article can help you a lot.

A very good way to learn is if you go to “Typing Club,” which is a website that will go through every letter, number, punctuation mark, and other buttons to help your typing. For example, backspace, enter, tab, shift, control, and more.

Muscle Memory

It can be difficult to remember every letter and function on the keyboard. It can take a lot of brain power to write words without looking at the keyboard. This is why you should definitely take breaks, so you don’t get overwhelmed by what you are learning. But if you practice consistently for around a few weeks, (depending on how fast you learn), you won’t even have to think about what letters you type. You just do it! You can even daydream while typing (but I wouldn't advise doing this in class).

Some Useful Tips

There are two different skills you might need to improve on: your speed and your accuracy. For example, if your typing speed is 20 words per minute (wpm) and your accuracy is 95% - 100%, then you should feel confident enough to try and type faster. But if you try to type really fast and your accuracy is 80% or under, then you should really slow down because typing quickly and making mistakes is worse than taking your time and having good accuracy.

Before you have another typing assignment, try practicing beforehand so you can breeze through it! I hope following these suggestions will help you to have a better typing experience.

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