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5 Life Hacks: Do you want life to be easier for you? by Shayan K.

Have you ever gone through a problem that took you so long to figure out, but then realized that there was a much easier way to do it? This article will share five awesome life hacks, which I hope you find useful!

1. Lemon eraser

This first one is a good one for school. Have you ever highlighted the wrong lines or went over the paper and onto the desk? All you need is a lemon and a swab. Squeeze the lemon into a bowl, swirl the swab into the lemon juice, and use it as a highlighter eraser!

2. Keep your passwords safe

Have you ever wanted to keep your passwords extra safe and even more safe? Then use the accented letters: à, è, ì, ò, ù, .

3. A free lantern?

If you have a phone and a plastic bottle, then you can make a lantern. Put your phone on flashlight mode and place it under the bottle. It will reflect a lot more light and is much easier to see than moving your flashlight around. It can also be a cool night light, so I highly recommend it!

4. The right way to eat a popsicle

I know the feeling when your popsicle drips on your clothes, the ground, or the table. It is very annoying! Use a cupcake liner and poke it through the popsicle stick and all the drops will fall into the cupcake line. It is to prevent any mess. It can save you a lot of time and work.

5. Use more soap

You have probably used a bar of soap. You use it until it gets too small to use. Don’t waste it. Stick it into another big bar of soap to make washing easier! This will also allow you to use more soap and spend a bit less money and time!

I hope these life hacks will help to make your life easier. You can even try these yourself for fun. See if these work for you!

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