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A Guide to Among Us by Aurora R.

Many people know about the newly popular game Among Us, a fun online

multiplayer game, but for newcomers, here’s a guide and review to Among Us—just don’t forget to look out for any sus behavior.

The Basics

Among Us, as I mentioned earlier, is an online multiplayer game, where you play with up to 10 people.

Once you open the app and join a game (or make a new one) you are going to be brought to a lobby where you can chat with the other players while waiting for the game to start. Among Us filters inappropriate words and content, so the chat is relatively safe.

In Among Us, most people are Crewmates, but there are also up to 3 Impostors randomly picked. The Crewmates’ job is to complete tasks to fix the ship and exile the Impostor(s). Impostors have to fake tasks and kill all the Crewmates without being discovered. If the Crewmates complete every task or exile all the Impostors, they win. If Impostors kill every Crewmate, the win goes to them.

How To Play As Crewmates

Crewmates take up the majority of the crew--there can be up to 9 out of 10--but they won’t necessarily be that many at the end of the game.

Crewmates have a set of tasks around the map, between swiping cards in Admin and firing at asteroids in Weapons, they have their hands full for the majority of the round.

Crewmates also have to report the bodies of other dead players, and then discuss among themselves--and the Impostor(s)--to exile the killer. At the end of the discussion, the players will vote, and the player who gets the most votes will be thrown out…in space. If that happens to you or you die, fear not! You’ll still be able to complete tasks and chat with the fellow ghosts, but you can't participate in group discussions, report bodies, or vote.

Crewmates have a few tools they can use, including watching the video cameras in Security, looking at a map of where the other players are in Admin, and calling an Emergency Meeting to warn others about things you might have seen.

Finally, if people start pointing fingers at you, you can prove your innocence with visual tasks, that include Medbay scan, firing at asteroids in Weapons, priming shields in Shields, and taking out the trash in Storage.

Good luck exiling the Impostor!

How To Play As Impostors

There aren't many Impostors in the crew--there can be up to 3--but they are the only obstacle standing between the Crewmates’ win or loss.

Impostors have to kill the majority of Crewmates to win, and they have to make sure they do it in secret so they’re not thrown out of the airlock. Impostors have to go around the map pretending to do tasks, while they’re just waiting for the right opportunity to kill a player who gets too close.

Impostors have access to the same tools as Crewmates--cameras, Admin table, and Emergency Meeting--but they can also vent and sabotage. Vents are found throughout the map and are a quick way to get away after you’ve killed someone, but if someone sees you venting...well, let’s say you can start greeting the airlock. You’ll also be able to sabotage. You can sabotage Coms, O2, Reactor, and the lights. Crewmates will have to fix these sabotages, and what better way to kill than in the panic? If Crewmates don’t fix O2 or Reactor in time, the win goes to Impostors. Plus, no one can call an Emergency Meeting while something is sabotaged, so it’s an easy way to get rid of the player that saw you vent or kill during the sabotage, so they won’t even have a chance to tell on you. Impostors can also lock doors as a sabotage, to kill players without the risk of a new threat walking in. I suggest you do this only in rooms with vents around, so that it won’t be obvious you were the murderer.

If you get exiled for being the Impostor, you’ll also turn into a ghost and will be able to sabotage, but not kill, vent, or participate in discussions.

Good luck!

There’s More…

Other fun features in Among Us include customizing your avatar (in the pre-game lobby), 3 different maps--The Skeld, Mira HQ, and Polus--the Freeplay mode to practice, as well as ways to make your lobby private, so you’ll only play with the people you want by sharing a code with them.

Other features include bonus hats and skins, as well as cute pets, even though these features aren’t free. Have fun!

Final Thoughts

Among Us is fun to play with friends and families, especially now during quarantine when we can’t see each other. It is also an engaging topic of discussion because of the game's widespread popularity.

Among Us is a game that will allow you to bond with, and maybe even betray, family and friends. As you play, you will test your detective skills, as well as your reflexes and coordination. (Really, you don’t want to click that “vent” button in front of 9 other players.)

If you’ve stuck around until now, you might as well give the game a go! And if you already have, I hope this guide helps you avoid getting thrown out of the airlock and staring into the endless void of space.

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