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A Second Chance: A Fictional Story by Eyual G.

Rivas Jackson was walking his dog when he was suddenly struck on the back of his neck. When he finally woke up, he was in the back of a van with a masked man staring at him. His kidnapper wanted ransom from Rivas' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jackson. The Jacksons did not know what to do, so they went to the police station. When they arrived, Officer Jones advised them to pay the ransom with fake money because they were poor.

Meanwhile, Rivas was shocked to learn that his kidnappers were his actual parents! He had always wondered why his parents had no photos of him from when he was a baby and why he looked nothing like them. It turned out that his kidnappers were his biological parents named Richard and Ashley Jayna. They had videos and pictures of him from when he was a kid, as well as DNA proof that Rivas was their son.

The Jacksons went to the drop-off location with a duffel bag of fake money, but instead of meeting Rivas’ kidnappers, they were surrounded by police officers. The Jaynas, along with Rivas, had gone to the police station and told the truth that Rivas’ parents for the last ten years were the real kidnappers who had stolen him from his biological parents when he was five-years-old.

After the police officers arrested the Jacksons, Rivas and his dog came to live with his real parents, the Jaynas. Rivas started to attend a new school and the Jaynas treated him like they’d known him forever even though it’d only been two months since he’d been kidnapped. Rivas finally felt like he belonged. Richard and Ashley Jayna were both so proud of him.

One day, Rivas overheard his parents talking in their bedroom.

“I think we should send him to my sister’s,” Richard suggested.

“I’ll miss him, but I think he’ll have a better chance,” Ashley replied. Shocked, Rivas barged into their bedroom confused about why they’d want to send him away. His parents explained that his Aunt Lisa was very wealthy and Rivas would have a better education if he lived with her.

Two weeks later, Rivas arrived at his Aunt’s palace. The garage was filled with expensive cars: Rolls-Royces, Lamborghinis, Porsches, and even Ferraris. With the help of his aunt, Rivas worked hard to build up a tech business. Soon, his business became successful, and he was the richest person in the world with billions of dollars cash in a safe.

One day, one of Rivas’ employee’s kids came to his office. When the girl saw his office, she was surprised that it was beautiful. The office was a reflection of Rivas’ hard work. It was organized with neat folders stacked to one side, and he had two computers on his desk to do his work.

Rivas had worked hard to become the owner of his own business, and he soon became the richest person in England. He became famous in the business industry, and after that, he had a lot of people following him and wanting to join his business.

One day, Rivas was going to work, and he found a homeless girl and boy he wanted to help. Unfortunately, he had a meeting with important clients in ten minutes, so he just went to a restaurant and bought the two twins some lunch. They were grateful for the food. A week later, the boy was holding a sign that said, “We need food.” This time, Rivas told them to get in the car. When they saw the car, they asked, “What kind of brand is it?”

Rivas said, “It’s a limo.”

The two children named Sandy and Sammy said, “We don't want to get the car dirty.”

“It doesn't matter to me. I will just clean it up after I drop you guys off at the adoption center.”

Sandy and Sammy were happy to have met Rivas because their parents abandoned them.

Two months later, Rivas married a beautiful woman named Roberta. She was one of the richest women in the United States, and Rivas had met her on a business trip. Rivas told her about Sandy and Sammy, and Roberta wanted to check if the twins were still at the adoption center.

When they arrived, the twins were still there, so Roberta and Rivas decided to fill out the paperwork to adopt them. Sandy and Sammy were so surprised. Sammy said, “Wait, are you going to adopt both of us?”

''Yes, we want both of you,” Roberta said. After two weeks, the paperwork for the adoption was approved by the agency. Rivas was so happy to give the twins a new home just like he was given a second chance.

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