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Old Memories, By Daniel K.

Old Memories ‘A Not So Sort of Dark Poem’

By Daniel K.

Peaceful days make everyone at ease and comforted.

Comfort makes people full of bliss and happiness. 

Except, for Mrs. ‘Old Windrole. 

An old-aged pensioner waiting for her time.  

She once had the most pleasant days during her generation. 

The few restful and peaceful memories stored far deep in mind.

Memories and the evocations of her recollections during her golden times.  

Old Catherine however doesn’t think about memories alone. 

She does it with her friend. 

She loved baking, knitting, and reading during her prime times, her companion spends just as much time doing it with Catherine.

To make her feel happy and at peace. 

Over time though, she rarely sees her old friend and at times sees him fading away from her. 

Sometimes, she wishes that it was all real, and not just a dream or reminiscent scenes from her past.  

Catherine has suffered much, her age, health, and even her memories affect the way she experiences her memories. 

She waits for her time, her time to finally be a part of those memories. To finally escape the purgatory of her chamber room.

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