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Shattered: A Fictional Story by Taiwo B. & Matthew J.

Two worlds, one ancient and one new, are separated by a single mirror. One named Athens and the other named Lucios. One carrying the secrets of mankind, the other carrying the secrets of destruction. Athenia rules Athens, a land of wealth and fortune. Lumas the ruler of Lucios, a land of misfortune and grim darkness. The siblings, long lost, promised themselves for their worlds that they loved so much. Both siblings swore to never cross paths after the tragic incident that tore them apart.

Athenia is known throughout Athens as the Queen of All, The Seer, and the Mistress of Harmony. On the other hand, Lumas was known throughout his kingdom as the King of the Dead, Lord of Killing, and the Grim Reaper. Lumas has always been jealous of Athenia’s fortune and elegance. Little did they know that one person could change the course of events that would lead to the ultimate destruction of both worlds. Athenia already knew the course of events, but what truly puzzled her was the identity of the one.


He had a keen interest in mythology since his early childhood, staying up all night reading and further diving into his fascination.

Two worlds, separated by a single mirror. One holds death, the other holds life. One ruler loves, the other hates.

He was drawn to the book and its contents staying up late nights diving into the book, page after page. He had only ever learned about Athens, the place where He grew up. He wanted to learn more about it and why the siblings had grown apart these long years. But most of all, He wanted to be all-powerful, He wanted the secrets of life and death.

From all of the mythology books, there was one thing in common, there was supposedly a doorway into the parallel world of Lucios. He wanted to learn more about it. So He reread all the mythology books He could his hand on and realized there was one item that was mentioned over and over again, Athenia’s most prized possession, the Mirror of Life. It was described as the most beautiful possession anyone could own. Athenia would guard her mirror with her life as it held the truth of the incident that tore the siblings apart. It held her deepest secret as well: how to create life.

He realized that the mirror was the doorway. He needed to get it somehow, though the Mistress of Harmony would protect it with her life. She was beyond powerful; she could create a whole new species with a snap of her fingers. She never wanted anyone to find out about the item she kept in secret. Out of spite, she decided to burn every book even mentioning the mirror, but she forgot one. The one that led him to the discovery of the mirror.

After a few weeks of planning, He figured out that the mirror was being transported from the palace to the Shrine of Life. That would be the perfect time for him to check the mirror out. He could go when the mirror was being transported. He might actually be able to see the world Lucios.

He was intrigued about Lucios and would do anything to learn more about it. One night when the moon in the sky was full, He knew it was a perfect time. Maybe even the only time he would have a chance to see the mirror. He walked on foot, as He did not have another way of transportation. It took him two hours, and by the time he reached the Shrine of Life, his legs were sore and aching in pain. His shoulders were heavy with weight due to the fact that He was carrying his mythology books with him.

Arriving at the perfect time, He saw workers pulling the mirror out of a truck. He ran over and punched the workers in their faces, knocking them out. He placed the mirror down and reached his hand out. He was so close. His hand went right through, his body was then sucked right into it.

He stepped out and saw a world of pure darkness. There was no sign of any light source. The scent reeked of decomposing bodies. He knew exactly where he was--Lucios.

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