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Advice to an Incoming 6th Grader by Daniel K.

This article is for incoming 6th grade JW students. Entering middle school for the first time can feel overwhelming, so here's what to expect and some advice based my own experience.

First Day!

For me, the first day of school was nerve-racking, and I didn’t even know where to go. Fortunately, after a few weeks, I got the hang of things and soon made new friends as well.

Before the first day of school, you will get a day where you will be able to get a tour around the building, including getting a map and your teachers' names.

Getting Lost

You might get lost a few times since it's a new school, but don’t feel worried as this is completely normal. If you get lost and don’t know where your teacher’s room is, you can always visit your homeroom teacher, go to the main office, ask a teacher in the hallway, or you can even check your schedule to see where you need to go.

Making New Friends

When you go to middle school, you might see some people you recognize and many people you don’t. This means you will have to expand your friend group. Try introducing yourself to a classmate and say what you like to do, then ask them about their interests, and maybe you’ll share similar interests.


During these first few weeks of school, you’ll have quizzes to do. My advice for this is to study before the assessment, as studying can help to prepare you, which will make you feel more comfortable overall with the material you’ll be learning. Studying daily in short amounts is often best, rather than cramming it all in the night before.

R&R (Retake and Reassess)

If you don’t like your first score on an assessment or didn’t do very well, you can usually retake it if you ask your teacher for an R&R pass and go to their class on Thursday mornings to redo it!


Our school has lots of clubs! You can sign up for one with the teacher who sponsors the club or attend the after-school club information meeting that happens early in the year. Clubs help improve your learning or other important skills you want to get better at. Clubs are also a great place to meet new people and enjoy a variety of activities.

Band is the Best!

Band class is the best. You get to play lots of songs that are cool and even our teacher Mrs. Staub is nice and funny. You can also be a student conductor if the teacher isn’t there!

Even though 6th grade can be tough, following this guide and keeping a positive attitude through the ups and downs will make your first year in middle school a memorable experience!


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