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Brynn's Weekly View: Take 1

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Hey JW, this is Brynn’s Weekly View!

Mr. Edwards’ classroom continues to be a hideout for lost souls looking for candy and a place to eat. While some seek refuge from the cafeteria, others hide in the halls, waiting out the days till a teacher finds them.

In other news, new history teacher Mr. Giaffoglione continues to surprise his students with his take on former US presidents and his hatred of open windows. Students have started creaking some open, but he can still tell by the large pieces of debris flying into the classroom.

Into the life of Mme. Burg.

As a child, Mme. Burg’s worst nightmare was “being stuck in school,” but now as a teacher, she finds joy in eating children--I mean teaching children--and helping her students escape the horrors of R&R to do the ChaCha Slide and sing “Party in the USA.”

Our fearless activists Rosie, Clara, and Jahnavi have led our school every Friday at Fridays For Future (#FFF). They talk about current news and updates on climate change and lead us in chants. Teachers can help by bringing their first period class out on Fridays during JAG. Rosie expressed, “JW has joined the climate change fight, and I think we may be the biggest weekly Fridays For Future event in North America. So, our challenge is to get every single student and teacher involved! We have big plans, and we need everyone to join us.”

Any news you want to see featured? Come talk to Brynn in Mme. Burg’s classroom begging for cookies!

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