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JW Drama Club: Spring Musical Auditions by Ema D.

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Grab your scripts and get your lines memorized! The JW Spring Musical auditions are coming up fast. Last year, our own drama club had an outstanding performance last year with “Once Upon a Mattress,” and this year, they are looking to top it!

This year’s musical will be “Willy Wonka Jr,” and students are ecstatic. Fellow seventh grade students participating in the musical this year, Kamila O. and Becca F., mentioned being “very excited due to the welcoming community where everyone can express themselves.” They shared that the talent this year is “immensely diverse age-wise” and “familiar compared to last year but missing some eighth graders.” There is also a lot of excitement about the new talent that the sixth graders bring.

The characters this year are also greatly “unique personality-wise. Veruca is snotty, Violet is competitive, and more.” Special thanks to Mrs. Lilley and Ms. Richard for putting this production together and being “expansive with student leadership opportunities.” Lastly, hopes for the musical are “for it to run smoothly, compared to last year where there was some improvisation.” Auditions have already ended, but if you would like to watch the musical, stay tuned for more information. Break a leg, Drama Club members!

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