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Happy Last Day of School! by Matan R.

Happy last day of school! What a long, crazy year it has been. For most of the school year, we were learning fully online using Canvas and Zoom. Then, in March, schools reopened in person, and by mid-April all the students had the option to come to in-person school every other week with masks and social distancing. Also, throughout the school year, most Wednesdays were “R&R days,” which, let’s face it, many of us treated like a day off school. There weren't any required meetings to attend - we were simply allowed to join Zoom to get extra help from teachers. For those reasons, this will go down as one of the most unusual school years in history!

This year has had one very important theme: change. This year, we have been forced to adapt in many ways, and some changes may never fully go away. However, the amazing students and staff kept fighting through it, and now the year has finally come to an end!

It has been a very interesting first year at Julius West. I got a taste of what school will look like next year. I also got an opportunity to write in the school newspaper - this is my final article of the year! Anyways, all school years must come to an end. I will see many of you next year, hopefully in person. Enjoy yourselves, stay safe, and have a stupendous summer!

~Matan R.

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