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How Covid-19 Has Affected Athletes by Ani B.

Imagine being an athlete during this pandemic. How would you feel?

A professional British soccer team called Liverpool won the Premier League trophy (Premier League is the top level of the English football league system). The team hasn’t won since 1990. When the team looked over at the bleachers, there were no fans cheering for them. The only people who were celebrating were teammates and coaches. Other teams around the world won championships, but no fans were there in person to celebrate. Without the support of fans, victories don't feel as positive or joyful.

After staying in quarantine for months, NBA players were back on the court. In order to keep the players safe and not spread Covid to anyone, the players stayed in a huge building, known as the "NBA Bubble,"complete with basketball courts, gyms, bedrooms, a nursery, and a cafeteria. The bubble was located in Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The NBA players couldn't leave the bubble unless their team was eliminated.

Although the Lakers won the NBA and the season is over, it's still important to reflect on this experience and how the pandemic really impacted athletes everywhere. Not being able to see family and friends and feeling homesick isn’t a great feeling even if they get to play the sport they love.

Going through the ups and downs, athletes are trying to stay healthy, stay safe, and stay in shape. It's not easy playing sports during this pandemic. Wearing masks all the time is not easy. But if athletes survive through this pandemic, then they can survive anything.

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