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How to Get Better at Minecraft Architecture by Shayan K.

Have you ever started a Minecraft world and built a house? Maybe you tried to make it look cool and fancy, but you just couldn't find a way to do it? This article will definitely help you!

Here are some examples of what you should and should not build.

1. Good color variants and gradients

If you want your house or base to look good, then you’ll want to use different blocks. If not, your house will look boring and bland. You want to find easily, accessible blocks, such as

wood and stone, not blocks like diamond or gold because that would take forever to find. Use these different blocks for different parts of the build. For example, the roof could be made out of granite, the body could be made out of oak wood, and the window frames could be made from smooth stone.

2. Get inspiration

Starting to make a house without having an idea of what you're doing or your goals with the house might be hard and can lead to problems while building. Maybe you could watch videos or pictures of other people constructing their Minecraft houses. You shouldn’t copy them entirely, but you could get a better idea of what you should do for the roof or the body. Even real life building could be a good idea for inspiration.

3. Adding detail

You should try to add detail to your build because it can help you connect or reach your goals with the house. It will also look so much better and more creative. Detail is mostly what you think would look nice on your house. Here are some ideas that you could consider while building.

Adding a custom tree next to your base, calculating a path or a wall protecting your foundation, adding barrels as cabinets, using chains and lanterns to make cool lights, adding trap doors to window frames to give texture, or adding a gradient to any part of your build to make it look cool. There are so many detail ideas that you could add to your Minecraft build to make it look good.

4. Testing

Now that you have an idea of what you are going to build, you should test it inside of a creative world because you can immediately get the blocks and fly around easily. If you make a mistake in survival mode, it won’t take as much time to clear it in creative mode. My advice is to test your build first in the creative world. When you feel satisfied with your build and know what you're doing, you can start in the survival world.

5. Patience

It can definitely be frustrating to build when you try to construct something that takes a while in Minecraft. A way to stop this is to take a break, so back in your creative world you can see what you are doing wrong and can fix it. Going back for inspiration, or maybe just working with the build to see what you have done now and think: Is there another way I can do this? What can I do better? How can I improve my work or build?

I hope these five tips can help you become a better Minecraft architect. I also hope you incorporate this information inside your world to make an awesome Minecraft build!

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