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How to Maintain Good Grades during Second Semester by Megan T

The 2020-2021 school year has been very stressful because we've had to deal with distance learning. Most students at home are either extremely panicked or relaxed, depending on how tough online school is for them. Some students tend to forget the schoolwork they have due, as they spend more time playing video games or binge-watching shows. Now that we've almost reached one year of virtual school, it's easy to become unmotivated or discouraged, but it's so important to keep trying!

“If you have any missing assignments, please come to R & R!” teachers remind us. Although you may be tired of hearing that, your teachers are trying to give you opportunities to improve your grade and help you become a better student.

Missing assignments can hurt your grade a lot, so make sure you complete all of your assignments. Check to see if you have any missing assignments in Synergy and in myMCPS Classroom. Complete those assignments, and make sure you follow the instructions and you don't forget to proofread. If you have any questions, you can ask your teacher for help by emailing them. You may also want to email them to provide an explanation if an assignment is late. Most teachers are very understanding.

In the future, you can always set reminders for yourself to avoid missing a due date. I recommend setting your reminders 30 minutes after school, so you can have a break offline, and when you come back to the computer you still remember what the lesson material. One place to see all your assignments is on the myMCPS Classroom calendar. This calendar has links to the assignment and the exact time it is due. The "To-Do" list on your Dashboard is also very helpful.

It's the start of second semester, so make sure to complete all your work and take advantage of your teachers' support sessions. “You can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days you feel good,” Jerry West says. Remember to do your best and work hard every day even when things are challenging!

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