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JW Girls Basketball 2022-2023 by Keira T.

The Julius West girls basketball season is off to a great start! They have had a few games already, and they are all coming together as a team really well. They practice three times a week, with a game almost every week.


The players have learned to work together well in their practices. Kellylynne R. and Rita C. explain that their practices are quite enjoyable. Kellylynne says they “do a bunch of drills and [they] run plays and learn new ones for the games.” Plays are ways to work together during the game, like one person running down the court, or a certain sequence of passes. This is how they grow as a team and get better each day.

Ms. Osborne & the Players

Ms. Osborne is the girls’ coach for this season. She is an enthusiastic, encouraging, and thoughtful coach and leader for the team. “She is so nice, caring, and fun to be around," Rita says. She adds, “The coach SLAYS,” meaning that she demonstrates excellence and accomplishment. Coach Osborne has taught the players “how to be aggressive and how to work together as a team,” and all the girls "are super supportive and super hyped and energetic to try and win.”


These persevering girls have “learned not to give up.” They “could be getting crushed one half, then be neck and neck with the other team the next game.” An important takeaway from one player is that “you should never give up because you never know what could happen.” Never give up, no matter what happens!

Final Thoughts

Whether they joined because they wanted to try something new or because they enjoy basketball, the Julius West girls basketball players have all grown to work hard as a team and push through any losses they’ve encountered. They recently defeated the Robert Frost MS girls team in an away game.

Join the booming audience and come out to watch their next game at Pyle MS on Tuesday, February 7th!

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