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Online School Tips and Tricks by Ema D.

Online school can be tricky, especially during these tough times. Sometimes, it’s difficult to maintain organization and continue getting good grades when you have no motivation. Staying at home all day and having access to distractions, such as your phone or video games, requires immense self-control, which understandably, not many middle schoolers have. We interviewed a few JW students to find out some of their best tips and tricks to succeed during online classes.

Organization Tips:

Organization is the key to staying on top of all of your work and not forgetting assignments, classes, or meetings. It also can be stress-relieving and satisfying to have a neat setup on your device or working area.

It is recommended that you close any unnecessary tabs to prevent the feeling of being overwhelmed. One of the most important tips is to use the agenda books provided at the beginning of the year. This is a great way to write down your work for the week and have it all in one place so you don’t forget. To check when assignments are due, using the myMCPS calendar is an easy way to keep track of classwork and homework. Checking your grades often is also a great way to know if you have any missing work.

Mental Health Tips:

Mental health is unbelievably important for school, whether it is online or in-person. School may be more strenuous now that it is online, therefore this advice could aid in maintaining stable mental health!

Many students mentioned not to put too much pressure on yourself. Online school is difficult for everyone, and it takes some getting used to. You can almost always make-up missing assignments, and if you are struggling you should attend R & R on Wednesdays, so you can get some extra support. It may be easier said than done, but eliminating all distractions around you so you don’t procrastinate can make a huge difference in your work ethic. Procrastination leads to stress if you don’t turn your assignments in on time. If you do your work as soon as possible, then it won’t pile up and you’ll have it out of the way.

Social Tips:

Hopefully, most people have been staying inside during quarantine to ensure the safety of our community; however, not having social contact can take a toll on your health. It’s crucial to keep in contact with friends and family to stay joyful and lively. Here are some tips on how to communicate with your loved ones while remaining out of harm’s way.

If you have your friends’ numbers or emails, make sure to reach out to them often. Using FaceTime, texting in general, or even creating your own private Zoom room are simple ways to stay connected. If you want to hang out in person with a small number of friends, make sure you are not making them uncomfortable and always wear a mask when you can. Social distancing is also extremely important, so make sure if you are hanging out in person to stay safe. If you have any symptoms of any sickness, maybe it’s not the best idea to go to your friend’s house.

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