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Procrastination: What is it and How do you stop it? by Connie C.

Are you sick of having a lot of missing work due to procrastination? Do you want to learn how to stop procrastinating? Procrastination is a bad study habit to get into, no matter how much you do it.

To start, procrastination is when you avoid work and distract yourself from working to refrain/avoid getting your work done. An example of procrastination is saying that you will get your work done whilst taking a break, and giving yourself a time limit. For example, you could say, “I will get my work done in 5 minutes.” Then, when the time comes to do your work, you keep adding on more time to your break, until it’s too late to turn in your work. But, the good news is, there are multiple ways to avoid procrastination!

There are many tips and techniques to help get your work done faster, but we are going to talk about three of them.

First, you can create a schedule on how long your break is. Make sure not to make any excuses to extend your break time.

Secondly, you can start your work immediately once you get home from school. If you would like to take a 5-10 minute break to eat a snack or get your workspace ready, that’s okay, but make sure to not get too comfortable.

Finally, there is a technique that has helped many people avoid procrastination that is called the Pomodoro technique. The Pomodoro technique is another time-management technique where you work for 25 minutes, and then take a break of 5 minutes. After about 4 repetitions, you have taken a break of about 15-20 minutes. Also, there are multiple timers on the internet that are specially made for the Pomodoro Technique.

If you are looking for a way to stop procrastinating and improve your time management, try out these techniques, and you will hopefully get your work done faster.

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