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The Blood-Red Moon and Its Mysteries by Petra P.

A blood-red Moon usually occurs during the third phase of a Lunar Eclipse or during a SuperMoon. The blood-red Moon got its name from its blood-red copper color, as well as the few specks seen on the blood-red Moon that look a bit like small particles of the Sun.

According to some accounts, on Christopher Columbus’ fourth voyage to the new world, he leveraged the blood-red Moon to frighten the Native Americans into feeding him and his crew. Because the blood-red Moon does look quite frightening to many, the Natives believed Christopher Columbus.

NASA scientists believe that the exact color of a blood-red Moon depends on the amount of dust and clouds in the atmosphere of Earth. Research scientist at GSFC (Goddard Space Flight Center) Noah Petro states, “It’s something fun to see - it’s benign, but it’s a change. And anytime we see the sky change it’s kind of exciting.”

If you want to see a blood-red Moon, find out when and where it is, and if you’re in the area, go and enjoy the wondrous sight!

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