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The Julius West Middle School Talent Show by Taiwo B.

Did you know that the Julius West Talent Show is tonight, Friday, December 10th?! The show will be held in the cafeteria at 7:00 pm. It’s an opportunity for students throughout JW to express their unique talents to a large audience. Besides the actual performances, there will be a backstage crew helping prepare the show. Mr. Edwards, a JW history teacher, will serve as the MC and announce the acts and the participants. There will be many different acts, such as singing, piano, guitar, and magic tricks. Some of the performers include 8th graders Ash, Evan, Betu, Alisa, and Audrey.

The talent show will include many different talents, including Ash on the piano. This is Ash’s first time in the talent show at JW. They have been playing the piano for nine years now, and they’re nervous and excited since this is their fi

rst time. They will be playing the song “Ylang Ylang” by Ekj.

The performances also include Evan O. playing his guitar. Evan has been performing in talent shows since kindergarten. Evan has been playing the guitar for less than a year and is self-taught. He learned how to play the guitar during quarantine. He will be playing “Everlong” by Foo Fighters. He is excited for the talent show. He is not nervous due to the fact that he has been doing talent shows for almost nine years.

Betu will also play the guitar, and she has been performing in the talent show since 7th grade. She has been playing the guitar for a year now, and she will sing “Say You Won’t Let Go” by James Arthur. She is pretty nervous, but we are all sure it will be great.

Another performance will come from Alisa, who will be playing the piano. She has been playing the piano for ten years now. She has been in talent shows since second grade and this is the first year she has been in the JW Talent Show. She is nervous but also very excited. She will be playing the song “Ballade No. 2 ‘Kumru” by Fazil Say.

Ilana will be doing magic tricks for this year’s talent show. She has been doing magic tricks for about a year now and is feeling a little anxious.

One of the final acts will be Audrey singing a solo. This is Audrey’s first time in the talent show. She has been singing for two years now. She will be singing “Winter Things” by Ariana Grande. She has mixed feelings about performing but is thrilled to be a part of the show.

Don’t forget to check out the Talent Show tonight. Admission (optional but recommended) is two cans of non-perishable items. You can expect to see a variety of talent and enjoy seeing your friends and peers perform. We hope to see you there!

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