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The Meaning of Dreams by Aurora R.

Source: National Geographic Kids - May 2019

Did you ever think that there was a meaning behind your dreams? Did you ever think your brain was trying to tell you something? Or that dreams represented your challenges and accomplishments in real life? Here are some common dreams and their meanings.

1. Being Chased

The thing that’s chasing you in a dream represents a problem or challenge you don’t want to deal with. The dream is telling you to stop running from your problems and face them.

2. Showing Up In PJs

This dream is helping you recover from an embarrassing moment in your life. Also, if the people in your dream still think you’re cool…great! That means you have great friends! If the people in your dream laugh…then it’s probably time to get some new friends.

3. Not Being Able To Move

You are feeling “stuck” in your life. Maybe you got into trouble, for example. The dream is telling you to think about how you got into the situation and to learn from it, so you don’t make the same mistake.

4. Falling

Usually in the “falling” dreams, you end up on a soft surface. The dream itself is saying that you’re stressed and you have too much going on--you need to take a break! The soft landing means you’ll get through this tough time.

5. Losing Something

You might be looking for an “ego boost”(a praise/success). You might be trying out a new sport or hobby that you’re not sure you can do. The dream is telling you to look for that confidence deep inside yourself!

6. Hanging Out With A Celebrity

Celebrities in dreams usually mean you have good feelings about yourself; maybe you just accomplished something or aced a quiz--way to go!

7. Flying

Flying in a dream means that people see you as a leader, or you have a little more freedom.

8. Being Lost

You probably have a tough decision ahead of you, and you’re afraid you’ll make the wrong choice. This dream tells you to think about all of your options before coming to a decision.

9. Being Unprepared Or Late

You’re worrying about an upcoming event or project. If you are prepared, this dream just shows that you’re nervous, but if you’re not; it’s a hint to get to work!

What do you dream about? The next time you sleep, write down your dream right after you wake up, and check the meaning of it!

Fun Facts

  • You’ll spend about six years of your life dreaming.

  • Your brain waves are more active when you’re sleeping than when you’re awake.

  • A dream usually lasts from 10 to 40 minutes.

  • Girls are able to recall their dreams more often than boys, and they tend to dream about both male and female characters equally; whereas, when boys recount their dreams, they tend to recall more often the presence of male figures.

  • The longer you sleep, the stranger your dreams will become.

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