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Three Love Poems by Ivy C.

Our Wonderful Story

Oh to be young

Oh to be in love

Those childish years

With those tears

I watch the window

As the love of my life drove away

Goodbye sweet Mark

I will never love again

For your move, truly broke my heart

My best friend said to me

You will love again, just you wait and see,

I believed her every word

And one day she showed me too

The fair

The handsome

Needs to cut his hair

Let’s just call him J

I swear, I swear

My heart flew out of my chest

The day he sat next to my desk

My friend would talk to him

As I stare

The air went thin when he was near

One day he asked me out

For a walk

But that meant everything

He held my hand

And I felt like I was in the air

He said he had a great time

Pulled me in for a kiss

And ever since then

98 years later

That has been our wonderful story

In a World of Worlds

Center of my world

In a vast wave of souls

In a group of people taking over each other

In front of a crowd

In search of a song

Hard to find the words

The look on your face tells me everything is going to be okay

This won’t rhyme or make much sense

But all I need to say is

In a middle of a storm

You are my port

Lost at sea all can see is you

I know what you’re saying enough with the sea I see

Okay I will keep going

In a room full of people I search for only you

You keep calm and steady when I feel like going under

I know it doesn’t look like it

But I am truly grateful

I know by now you are probably bored

And wonder why I keep going on and on

As said before this hard

Can’t find the words

More so get them out

So I’ll say it real loud

I love you so much

And nothing will change that

From now and forevermore


As strong as it was I see it’s coming to end

One more final hug

One more fight

That was all we could take

And that was only the first night

A new guy came in don’t ask me from where

He doesn’t talk much

But he sure does stare

Sometimes I wonder

Why he is here

Is there some reason

Why he is always near

I think about talking

But then I get scared

Runaway and hide

And bury my tears

He came to me and asked

Why I cry

I tell him I’m sad and alone

He looks at me says

With those bright eyes

And those white teeth

You have looks that could kill

You’ve stolen my heart

I am yours

I say you don’t

I say you tell lies

He picks up

And kisses me and says

Was that a lie

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