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Top 3 Educational But Cool YouTube Channels by Raymond W.

Many people think YouTube is a place for nothing but low quality entertainment. However, if you look carefully, you can find very intriguing YouTube channels that can teach you about many topics. Some of them can both teach you and entertain you. Here is a list of three of the best ones!

One great example of entertaining and educating videos is Kurzgesagt, a YouTuber who animates and talks about a variety of subjects, but usually science. An example of this is their “immune system” series, which talks about what white blood cells are, by showing you animated cells and charts and using useful analogies. Kurgesagt also does videos on climate change that may teach you a lot more than you already know.

Another example is CGP Grey, an Irish-American YouTuber who makes more infrequent videos. This channel teaches many subjects, though they are a little more random when it comes to topics. The topics range from tumbleweeds, aviation, Staten Island, and more. Also, keep an eye out for easter eggs, such as hidden bees and jokes in the animations.

Last but not least, we have Soup Emporium. This YouTuber makes videos that are longer and have more raw information. These videos teach a lot more because of their quality but are a bit harder to watch because of the complexity and length of the videos. For example, he has a very well-made video on Yellowstone Volcano, but it's 26 minutes long and uses a lot more ”scientific” terms.

That is a very short list of Educational YouTubers. These YouTubers show that YouTube is not a useless place for you to waste time, but in fact, a grand hub for learning. There are many more channels on the vast oceans of content, so if you want, you can poke around to find out more!

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May 24, 2023

Kurzgesagt is indeed a fantastic YouTube channel that combines captivating animation with educational content. Their videos cover a wide range of scientific topics, making complex concepts accessible and engaging. Another educational and cool YouTube channel is Vsauce. Hosted by Michael Stevens, Vsauce explores fascinating questions about science, technology, and philosophy. The videos are thought-provoking, often delving into topics like the nature of reality, the limits of human perception, and the mysteries of the universe. You can try to increase the number of views through youtube promotion

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