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Top 5 Netflix Teen Shows Today by Matan R.

Watching TV and discussing the shows you like is a great way to bond with other people. I’ve binged a number of great shows on Netflix, and it is loads of fun, especially if you watch them with your friends and family.

Nowadays, most people have Netflix, which is a streaming service where you can watch TV and movies. If you’re bored and looking for something to do over winter break, I highly suggest you check out some of these shows. I have obviously not watched even close to all of the teen shows on Netflix, but here are the top 5 in my opinion. They are partly based on the category “teen,” but some of them are just shows that were fun for me to watch that I think people in the middle school age range will enjoy. They are ranked in order based on my opinion, but feel free to disagree. If you have another show you think should have been on the list, please comment below.

Quick Disclaimer: Some of these picks may be rated PG-13, TV14, or TVMA, but I believe none of these shows are particularly inappropriate for a middle school audience. I recommend you check with your parents before watching any of these. I have also tried to keep the summaries brief in order to avoid spoilers. Let’s get into it!

#5 - Control Z (2 Seasons, possibly more coming)

Control Z was a fascinating mystery show in a high school about a mysterious account named _allyoursectrets_. The person behind this account started publicly revealing people’s secrets with the hidden intent of ridding the world of lies. Throughout the entire first season, you wonder who this mysterious figure is, and during the last episode, it is revealed. The second season is similar, with the unknown “avenger” doing what they think is right, but they really cause harm to lots of people and ultimately end up killing one of the characters. Similar to the first season, the identity of the avenger is revealed at the very end of Season 2.

Sadly, Season 3 is still yet to be announced. However, the show has not been canceled, so there still could be a Season 3 yet to come. Overall, a decent show.

#4 - Atypical (4 Seasons, complete)

Atypical was an interesting story about a boy named Sam who has autism. The story revolves around him and his family and friends. The main plot of the show is that Sam, a high schooler on the spectrum, is trying to find a girlfriend. Throughout the story, there’s romance and drama, as well as other kinds of everyday problems people with autism have to face that others may not even consider. It really brings awareness to what it’s like to live with autism. The show came to an end after the fourth season came out in July (2021), but the ending was pretty good, and I’d highly recommend you watch it.

#3 - Outer Banks (2 Seasons, Season 3 coming soon)

Outer Banks was a brilliant story about John B., a boy whose father mysteriously disappeared a long time ago. John B. and his pogue friends--Pope, Kiara, and JJ--continue the treasure hunt that his father started. Throughout the two amazing seasons, they run all around the Outer Banks while finding clues and attempting not to get caught by the cops. They also learn who their real friends and enemies are, and the characters develop a lot throughout the series. Finally, Season 2 ends off with a gigantic cliffhanger, so make sure to watch until the very end.

It was one of the most popular series on Netflix, so they are making a third season that will come out within the next year or so. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

#2 - All American (3 Seasons on Netflix, Season 4 in progress)

All American was an incredible show based on a true story about football star Spencer James who is recruited to play football for Beverly Hills - the “rich kids'” high school. Throughout the three engaging seasons, there’s romance, drama, drug abuse, football, and all kinds of father-son trauma. The show is really fun to watch, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who is into sports and/or dramatic shows.

Season 4 is actually being released, one episode a week (7 episodes so far as of December 22nd) , but it will not be on Netflix until April. You can find it here to watch it for free, or go to the CW, a free streaming service that has All American Season 4. I started watching it, and so far Season 4 is pretty good. If the link doesn’t work, you’ll have to wait until it comes out on Netflix in 2022.

#1 - Cobra Kai (3 Seasons, Season 4 coming December 31st!)

Cobra Kai is an incredible show built around the characters of the 1985 movie The Karate Kid. (I highly recommend watching it before watching Cobra Kai.) The show is about the long-standing rivalry between All Valley champions Daniel Larusso and Johnny Lawrence. The show combines karate with romance, drama, revenge, and fighting. The drama all starts when Johnny reopens Cobra Kai, the dojo where he learned karate. When car dealership owner Daniel Larusso finds out his nemesis opened his horrible dojo back up, he does everything in his power to stop him, once again sparking their crazy rivalry. Things only get worse when Johnny’s former sensei, Kreese, comes back into the mix at the end of Season 1, leading to a very powerful story.

The characters develop a lot throughout the three seasons released so far, and the fourth season is coming out in about a week! If you haven’t yet seen Karate Kid or Seasons 1-3 of Cobra Kai, I’d highly recommend you catch up quickly, as Season 4 is right around the corner. This would have to be one of my all-time favorite shows, so please give it a try!

There are lots of great teen shows on Netflix. Watching TV is a very enjoyable, entertaining pastime that brings people together. These are my top 5 favorite shows, so if you’re looking for something to do over winter break, or any time really, try one of these. I hope you like these shows just as much as I did, and enjoy your winter break!

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