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Top 5 Things To Do Virtually With Your Friends by Petra P.

Are you tired of just calling, FaceTiming, and Zoom-ing your friends? Need some ideas to mix things up? Here are five games you can play virtually with your friends.

#1 - Trivia

It’s trivia time! Get your game face on because you’re gonna need it! Some good questions to get you friends thinking can be found on, or other trivia sites. Tricky questions that stump your friends can never go wrong!

#2 - Mad Libs

Created in 1953, Mad Libs is a game where one player asks others for a list of some words to replace blanks in a story. When all of the blanks are replaced, the player reads the story aloud. This fun game will get you and your friends laughing in seconds.

#3 - Kahoot

Looking for a game that everyone can play on their phone? Well, you’ve found it! Kahoot not only has educational games, but you can create a kahoot too on any topic that YOU choose! Just tell your friends to go to and enter the game code of the game that you have created, and you’re all set!

#4 - Double Up!

There are many games named “Double Up,” but this one by far is the best. For information on the game and how to play, go to Double up is a game that will make you and your friends scramble for the winning words, and will make you all want to play again. This game is double the fun, and is sure to make your top 5 games to virtually play with your friends.

#5 - Charades

Charades, the guessing game that will get you on your feet, is extremely fun, even during quarantine. There’s never a dull moment when you’re playing charades, especially when it’s your turn!

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