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Top 5 Things To Do With Your Dog by Petra P.

#1 Teach your dog tricks!

Dogs naturally love to please their owners, and giving them a treat, praise, or scratch under the ear is just the type of reward they love. Some tricks to make your friends jealous are: paw shake, sit, stand, roll, bark, and stay. The more things you teach your dog, the more they will learn to be obedient, which will help control any dogs that are a bit on the wild side.

#2 Doggo Hide-and-Seek

Have you wanted to find the perfect game to play with your dog during quarantine? Well Doggo Hide-and-Seek is just the thing for you! It will make your dog incredibly playful and happy, and you don’t even have to worry about your dog wrecking the house. Try it! Hide from your dog in another room, or any other good hiding places you know of inside your house, and call out your dog’s name. Watch as they run from room to room, bouncing around excitedly as they look for you. When they find you, be sure to reward them with a treat and a lot of petting!

#3 The Ultimate Sniffer Challenge

Ever thought that your dog could be a detective? Well here’s your chance to find out! Spray some perfume or some other odor onto an object like a chew toy or ball, and hide it when your dog is not looking. Next, spray some perfume or some other odor onto a spare scrap of fabric, and put it under your dog’s nose. Your dog should immediately smell a connection between two smells, and find the object that you hid. If not, don’t worry! Your dog may not be a born detective, but that doesn’t mean that your dog isn’t awesome.

#4 Tug of War!

Every dog loves to play tug of war, the popular game that will get you and your dog pumped up! Tug of war can help the dog use up any excess energy, and it boosts your dog’s mental and physical health.

#5 Fetch! Indoor

As you may know, fetch is when an object is thrown away from your dog, and your dog will run to retrieve it. Did you know that although fetch is usually played with a dog, some cats will join the fun and play fetch too! Although fetch is generally an outdoor activity, it can be played indoors too! Your dog will be happy to play a game that gets them moving!

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