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Undercover: A Fictional Story by Eyual G.

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

When Steven Jones started college, he wasn't good at anything related to sports or academics. He wanted to be a teacher, but his friends wanted to be professional athletes. At first, Steven studied hard and was doing well in his education classes, but eventually he became distracted by partying with friends who had rich parents. As a result, Steven made a lot of poor choices.

Two months before graduation, Steven received some devastating news that his parents died in a car crash. He had to start working at a fast food restaurant to support himself, but it did not pay much, so Steven couldn't buy food or afford an apartment after graduation. Steven felt angry and depressed. Since he was desperate for money, he started stealing from grocery stores and McDonald’s where he worked.

Steven wasn’t making enough money, so he decided to ask one of his rich college friends for help.

“I don’t have any cash to give you,” his friend Genesis said, “but I know a guy that can help you.”

“Yeah, man. I’ll do whatever it takes to make fast money,” Steven said nervously.

“Okay, let’s go,” Genesis said, and pointed to his Rolls Royce.

It was the day of graduation, and now Steven was making money because he had been working for a mob boss named Dennis who told him to steal from jewelry stores. He did not get caught, so for his first paycheck, he earned $10,000 dollars. He was happy, and after two weeks, Dennis told him that he would be promoted to the mob assistant, which is technically a spy for the mob. On the next paycheck, he earned $100,000 dollars.

After a week, the mob boss started another mafia, and he wanted Steven Jones to run the crew, but the new group had to be run by Dennis’ rules. Steven Jones agreed that the new mafia was open, but one of the requirements is that members had to get the letter “R” tattooed on their wrist in order to join.

Steven’s assistants went out to find recruits, and after a week Steven Jones was a millionaire with dozens of loyal followers. All of Dennis’ recruits soon became Steven’s followers. One day, Dennis came to Steven’s mansion and said, “What should we do boss?”

“Don't worry, I have everything under control. Just pretend you're still the boss of all the organization.”

“Do the other people know what we're going to do?” Dennis asked.

“The mafia or the team, Dennis?” Steven replied. “This is my organization. If they don't come at the right time, this plan is going to be destroyed.”

At 8:00 PM, right when Steven was eating dinner, his followers arrived. Suddenly, the FBI barged in, and shouted, “Everyone, put your hands up!”

All but Steven put their hands up, and one of his men turned to him, “Why aren’t your hands up, boss?”

“Because I’m running this mission,” Steven replied with a smirk.

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