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Cross Country Season Interviews by Ava F. and Molli C.

The 2021 JW Cross Country season has been a wonderful experience for everyone on the team! Their most recent meet was an away meet at Thomas W. Pyle Middle School. We asked two student-athletes, Gwen H. and Lily H., to answer a few questions.

Here's our Q&A with Gwen H.

Question: “What was your favorite meet and why?”

Answer: “My favorite meet was against Cabin John because it was fun to go against someone on our own field.”

Question: “What do you normally do at practice?”

Answer: “At practice, we would do warm-ups, play running games, and beat out past running times.”

Here are some questions we asked Lily H.

Question: “What has been your fastest time for 1.5 miles?”

Answer: “It was 10:15.”

Question: “Why did you join Cross Country?”

Answer: “I joined Cross Country because I’m a survivor of pneumonia and because I thought it would be fun.”

We also interviewed the Cross Country coach, Mr. Brink, about how coaching went this school year.

Question: “Why did you choose to coach Cross Country?”

Answer: “I coached Cross Country the first year we had it at the Middle School level in 2005 and loved it. But it hasn’t been vacant since! I was excited to see that there was an opening here for a Cross Country coach at JW this year.”

Question: “How long have you been coaching Cross Country?”

Answer: “I coached Track and Field at Richard Montgomery HS for about seven years and worked mainly with the jumpers, but I also worked with distance and sprinters too. I learned a lot from all the coaching staff at RM and I have learned a lot from my own running experiences.”

Question: “What is your favorite thing about coaching?”

Answer: “Cross Country is a fun sport to coach. The practices are 50% fun and 50% work. It’s all about making you the best version of yourself and then competing against others. The kids were great and it was a fun experience.”

As Coach Brink said, the Cross Country season was a fun experience! We know that most of the students that signed up for the team had fun and were very good, winning most of the meets, trying their best, and putting all their effort into the team. The team this year did wonderfully, and we hope that the team next year will do just as well!

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