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JW Student Interviews: Girls’ Soccer Tryouts & Season Expectations by Josie W.

Now that COVID-19 has dissipated, school sports have been active for quite a while. Julius West’s soccer season is the most current, as their first couple of games have already gone by. We wish both boys’ and girls’ teams good luck throughout the rest of the season as well!

In honor of the season beginning, a few of the students who tried out and made the girls’ soccer team--and who are all experienced in playing soccer on their own teams outside of school--were interviewed and asked about their thoughts, feelings, and season expectations.

Motivation for joining the team most often has to do with passion for the sport and wanting to be able to play with school friends. Seventh graders Adriana B., Sydney J., Keira T., and Megan T. collectively agree that joining the Julius West girls’ soccer team would be a good opportunity to partake in a hobby while spending time with classmates.

“Soccer [provides you with] many great friends and experiences which can [stick with you for] a lifetime. Even though sometimes teams fall apart, the memories you make with them last forever,” stated Sydney.

Additionally, Adriana said she “[is] always interested in playing more and [she] also felt like tryouts would be a way to see her level compared to other people not on [her travel soccer team].”

Tryouts were certainly anxiety-inducing for our interviewees. “Tryouts were nerve-racking and fun at the same time,” described Megan.

Keira agreed, saying she was “scared [she] might not make the team, but just getting to play soccer was fun.”

Sydney described her anxiety as “almost suffocating,” but in the end, it was all worth it, seeing as all of the girls made the team.

Our interviewees were also questioned about their expectations for this season. All in all, they expect a fun and productive season with a well-balanced team.

“My expectations are to have fun, make new friends, and win!” expressed an enthusiastic Megan.

Adriana revealed that she “[isn’t] sure how easy it will be to work together since [they] are not all on the same regular team and are not used to each other,” but she is still hoping for a season where everyone gets their share of playing time.

Some of Sydney’s motivation comes from experiences her friends have had. Based on what she’s heard from friends who have tried out for teams at other schools, she claims she now “has high expectations for [her] teammates and [their] coaches.” We have high hopes that those expectations will be met!

Overall, Keira “expects, or at least [hopes], that [they] get a winning season and [their] team comes together really well.”

As for what the students say they look forward to this season, Keira and Megan agree on just wanting to have a good time with their teammates. Sydney desires new opportunities to play in different positions than she usually does on her travel soccer team and is hoping for time to bond with her teammates.

Adriana looks forward to meeting new people. She’s “hoping this will be a way [she] can make new friends and get closer to people." She further comments, "I think it's cool that I get the chance to be playing with new people my age who aren't on my club team. This is something exciting I can look forward to throughout the day.”

As the soccer season begins, we hope that these athletes, along with their teammates, and their peers on the boys’ team, have a season to remember. Let’s give JW’s soccer teams the encouragement they deserve as they--figuratively and literally--put their best foot forward this season!

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