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Teenage girls found 750 miles away from home to meet k-pop group BTS by Simone F.

How far would you go to meet your idol? South Korean police stated that two teenage girls, reported missing in Pakistan on January 11, have been found more than 750 miles from home after attempting to travel to South Korea to meet k-pop group BTS.

According to CNN, Abraiz Ali Abbasi, a senior police superintendent of Pakistan, said, “The two girls, 14-year-old and 13-year-old, went missing in Korangi in Karachi city, located in Southern Pakistan.” During the search of their homes police found a diary that revealed their plans to travel to South Korea to meet BTS. “From the diary we saw mentions of train timetables and that they had been planning to run away with another friend of theirs…who we then interviewed,” Abassi reported. The girls who went missing were interviewed and one of them said they were even going to take their relative, but they refused to come.

Abassi explains that they started tracking the girls and found out they were in custody of police in the city of Lahore, Pakistan, where they traveled by the train. There were arrangements for the girls to be taken back home.

The parents of the children were asked to monitor the children’s screen time so they’re more aware of what the teens are doing online. “It isn’t a surprise that two teenagers took this risk because 'stans' are capable of doing this for their idols,” mentioned culture journalist Rabia Mehmood.

Would you go as far as 750 miles just to meet your idol? Decisions and risks taken by young people aren't always surprising since obsessive fans are known to do absurd things for their idols. Fortunately, the two teenagers are safe now.

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