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The 2021 JW Girls' Softball Season by Molli C. & Ivy C.

Undefeated. The best word to describe the 2021 Julius West Girls’ Softball team. The season started off with two-day tryouts from the days of September 14th and 15th and ended the first week of November.

The team won every game they played against Cabin John, Wood, Frost and Pyle Middle School. Even though two games were rained out and one game was won by forfeit, the girls dominated the two games that they did play.

Everyone who came to tryouts made the team. This year's team consisted of six 8th graders and ten 7th graders on the team. The season started September 22nd and lasted through November 2nd.

We interviewed Coach Brannan who is this year's softball Coach. This is Coach Brannan’s first year of coaching the girls' softball team. Her love of softball started when she was around 4 or 5 years old. Coach Brannan has not played competitively since high school but has played in adult leagues sporadically.

During the interview, when asked what the difference was between baseball and softball, Coach Brannan said, “They each have their own challenge. The main difference between baseball and softball is the pitch.”

This year, there were a total of 16 girls on the roster. On the field, there are six girls infield and four girls outfield. The girls were very extraordinary and accomplished, finishing the season with an undefeated record. So much work went into this wonderful successful team. It will be a very sad loss to see the 8th graders go off to high school, but next year is an opportunity for new talent to emerge.

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