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The Struggles of the JW Boys Softball Season by Andrew J. and Evan L.

It was a rough season for the Julius West boys softball team. They started off with a tough loss to Hoover MS. Nobody on the team was able to find a rhythm, the bats were quiet the whole game, and the outfield was seemingly unable to make a play. Outfielder Kevin R. was asked for a comment after the game and only had one word to describe it, “Horrendous.” That continued to be the main theme of the season, although everyone kept in good spirits and managed to have a good time.

In another game against Cabin John MS, the boys softball team was able to put up a good number with 11 runs, but even with both Andrew J. and Andrew “Trevor” O. able to hit home runs and triples, Julius West was not able to rally Cabin John’s 22 runs. They were still uncoordinated as a team and were unable to make many easy plays, which allowed Cabin John to triumph over them. Everyone left the game in good spirits, though. All players had made a highlight-reel-worthy play on defense or made a big hit. As the only home game, there was a large and supportive crowd who cheered even when the team was down by ten runs.The levels of confidence coming out of that game -- even though it was a loss -- were through the roof.

The next game was against Robert Frost MS, and the boys were ready. Team spirit was high, and you could sense a connection during warm-ups. Julius West was off to a quick start with three straight three-up, three-down, innings and the defense was looking great. All the team needed now was for the offense to show up. At the top of the fourth, they came out swinging (literally and figuratively). Julius West was able to break the 0-0 tie and bring across two runs. The next two innings were quiet with only one run scored from Frost. The taste of a win was on the tip of their tongues, knowing it was most likely the only chance to win this season, considering the next game was against powerhouse Pyle who hadn’t lost in years.

At the bottom of the sixth, the first out was made in one pitch with a groundout to second baseman Liam C. The next batter blasted a ball to the wall and put himself on third. The next batter hit a ball straight to the shortstop, Kevin R., who wasn’t able to get his glove down and the ball went through his legs. The game was tied 2-2. With a batter walked, there were now runners on first and second, and all Frost needed was a base hit into the outfield to score the winning run. Another ball was hit to Kevin R., and again, it passed under his glove. Unfortunately, it also took a bad hop into the outfield, and with a close play at the plate, the runner was called safe. Julius West's momentum was completely lost and in a game where nobody thought the team could win already, the final score ended in a loss of 29-3.

Although the season may seem like it was all downs, everyone enjoyed their time on the team. Young players learned a lot, and older, more experienced players had a blast at all of the games and all of the practices. It was important for everyone to keep a positive attitude, and everyone was all able to have a good time with each other even during a difficult season.

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