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Top 5 Netflix Movies to Watch by Makayla S.

During quarantine, many of us have struggled to find good movies to watch. Here are some of the best on Netflix!

#1. The Kissing Booth (Romantic Comedy)

Elle and Lee are lifelong friends. When they were five, they made strict rules regarding their friendship. Now that they are in high school, will they be forced to break those rules? Will their friendship die along with the many rules that were broken in their boy-girl friendship? Will love be the cause of their failure in friendship? This is all in the hands of a single kissing booth.

#2. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (Romance)

Lara Jean, a high-schooler, has had 5 crushes. One’s a jock. One’s gay. One’s her sister's boyfriend. One’s from camp. One’s from the 7th grade. Lara’s been writing top-secret letters to them all, but what will happen when all the letters mysteriously make their way to their recipients?

#3. The Boy In Striped Pajamas (Historical Drama)

Based on the true story of the Holocaust, this movie will touch your heart. An eight-year-old German boy becomes curious about what’s going on when he meets a Jewish boy his age. This Jewish boy is on the hunt for his father, whom he cannot find in the concentration camp. The two eight-year-olds team up on the hunt for the missing father, but will their mission be a success, or will it end gruesomely?

#4. Battle: Los Angeles (Action & Adventure / Military Sci-Fi)

When horror strikes, specifically from outer space, the military is called to action. This action-packed movie will have you on your toes and your popcorn on the floor.

#5. Fun With Dick and Jane (Comedy)

All seems good in their family. They’re close to rich! They have a nice house with a nice lawn, a servant, and a son who’s fluent in another language! They’ve got it made - Dick even got a promotion! But when he’s challenged to say some horrible stuff about his company on LIVE television and loses his job, what will he do? Now, will the two jobless parents be forced to do the worse?

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