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Staff 2021-2022

Newspaper Club

Taiwo B.

8th Grade

Taiwo is an 8th grader at Julius West Middle school. She is excited to work in Newspaper Club because it gives her an opportunity to further improve her writing skills. Her favorite genre of writing is mystery and sci-fi. In her free time, she likes reading, watching Netflix, playing tennis, painting, drawing, and hanging out with her friends after school.


Isabella G.

8th Grade

Isabella, or known as Izzy by all their friends, is an 8th grader at JW. They’re Colombian and Guatemalan and love listening to latin music. Izzy is really interested in anything in the medical field and also plans to become a reconstructive plastic surgeon.

Isabella G..png

Matthew J.

8th Grade

Matthew is an eighth grader at JW. He joined Newspaper Club because he enjoys writing and because of friends who joined as well. He enjoys writing short stories for fun. In his free time, you can find him scrolling through social media or reading short stories. He has a guinea pig named Pocky.


Brynn J.

8th Grade

Brynn is an 8th grader at Julius West. She loves reading and writing while sitting outside with her two dogs. She also keeps a diary of the places she's traveled in her RV. In her free time, she plays soccer and runs.

Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 4.23.11 PM.png

Luciana M.M.

8th Grade

Luciana is an eighth-grader at JW. Although this is her first year in the Newspaper Club, she isn’t new at writing. Luciana likes lots of things; drawing, reading, dancing, playing video games, and volleyball are just a few.


Aurora R.

8th Grade

Aurora is an eighth grader at Julius West. This is her third year in Newspaper Club, and she is very excited to start writing articles again. In her free time, you can find her reading, writing, drawing, playing video games, or just watching TV.


Isabel S.

8th Grade

Isabel is an 8th grader at Julius West. She enjoys reading and writing in her free time, as well as playing piano and lacrosse. This is her first year in Newspaper Club, and she is very excited to work and improve on her reading and writing skills in a fun manner.

Isabel S.png

Sara B.

7th Grade

Sara is a 7th grader at Julius West. She wanted to join Newspaper Club because she wants to improve her writing skills. She loves drawing, music, reading, playing some sports, and hanging with friends all the time. She is Colombian, and she loves traveling and photography.

Sara B..png

Brooke B.

7th Grade

Brooke is a 7th grader who is creative, smart, and kind. She loves to read, bake, draw, and play with her two dogs, Marcy and Nestor. Her favorite TV show is Stranger Things. She likes the color green. She is always willing to help out when she can. Don’t be afraid to ask! Brooke is super excited to join the Newspaper Club and to make new friends! (Brooke also thinks raccoons are very cute).


Daisy B.

7th Grade

Daisy is a 7th grader and has a cute little pug who likes to bark at her friends. Her favorite show is "Stranger Things" and her favorite movie is Little Women. She really likes to listen to music by the Beatles and the Pixies. Also, her favorite song is "The Prettiest Star" by David Bowie. She is very excited to be joining Newspaper Club this year.


Ivy C.

7th Grade

Ivy is a 7th grader at JW. She is originally from New York and moved here at the age of 7. She enjoys drawing and writing poems. She has no filter and enjoys being around people.


Rafaella C.

7th Grade

Rafaella is a 7th grader a Julius West. This is her first year in Newspaper Club. She enjoys reading, writing, baking, and spending time with other people. She is excited to explore different topics as well as improve her writing skills.


Molli C.

7th Grade

Molli is a 7th grader here at JWMS. She wanted to join the Newspaper Club because she enjoys creative writing. Her favorite subject in school is history class, and her favorite sport is swimming. One of Molli's favorite hobbies is reading books. Some of her favorite books are Divergent and Harry Potter. She also has a dog.


Thalia C.

7th Grade

Thalia is a 7th grader at Julius West Middle School. She really likes to write fiction as well as nonfiction to inform others of important topics. She also enjoys reading, baking, watching TV, and doing crafts. She has two older siblings and a dog.


Connie C.

7th Grade

Connie is a 7th grader at Julius West. She is excited to write articles about various topics! Some of Connie’s interests include listening to music, hanging out with friends, watching Netflix & Disney Plus, and reading! Some of her favorite shows include The Owl House, Amphibia, Stranger Things, and She-Ra. Connie is currently reading the Twilight Saga! She is very excited to make new friends and improve her writing skills.


Matan R.

7th Grade

Matan is a 7th grader who has been at Julius West since the start of last year. He joined the school newspaper last year because he loves writing about his thoughts and beliefs and expressing his opinions, and he liked it and decided to join again. His articles are mostly about current events, life tips, and things he finds interesting. When he isn’t doing schoolwork, Matan is playing sports (mostly soccer), running on the JW Cross Country team, reading, playing on his phone, watching Netflix, or playing with his pet Bunny, Snowball.


Ava F.

7th Grade

Ava is a 7th grader who goes to Julius West. Ava wanted to join Newspaper Club because she loves to write and she likes to learn new things. Some hobbies she likes include reading and watching Harry Potter, writing stories, and watching YouTube. She has a dog and a cat, whom she likes to spend time with. She also loves to watch Netflix and Disney+.


Theo L.

7th Grade

Theo is a student at JW. He’s in 7th grade, and his favorite subject is Math or English. He enjoys playing sports, reading, and writing. He really enjoys spending time with friends and family while also having fun. This is his first year in Newspaper Club, and he joined because he enjoys reading and writing and he wanted something to do with his Thursday afternoons. These interests are the reason that he found such an interest in the Newspaper Club and why he decided to join.


Carrington F.

7th Grade

Carrington is a 7th grader at JWMS. She loves sports and tries new ones constantly. She is very outgoing and loves science. She even wants to become a scientist when she grows up. She also enjoys CNN10 a LOT. Adios! amigos!


Leo R.

7th Grade

Leo is a 7th grade student at JW. It is his first year at JW. His favorite subject is science. He doesn’t have that many hobbies, but his favorite hobby is listening to music, especially alternative rock from the 80’s and 90’s. He also enjoys doodling, making people laugh and ranting. A talent he has is the ability to recognize any country’s flag.


Suvir S.

7th Grade

Suvir is in 7th grade and is fun, creative and likes to write. Suvir likes to write topics that express his opinion. His articles are mostly about pop culture, sports, and anything he finds interesting.  When Suvir is not doing schoolwork, he is found in the pool, swimming, and going bike riding with his friends. He likes watching movies and playing with his lab, Marco.


Keira T.

7th Grade

Keira is a seventh grader at Julius West MS. This is her second year in Newspaper Club. She joined because she enjoys writing, reading, and interviews. When she’s not at school, she enjoys writing, reading, cooking, spending time with family and friends, and sports like running and soccer.


Josie W.

7th Grade

Josie is a 7th grader who recently decided to join the Newspaper Club due to her plans to become a journalist in the future. Writing has always been enjoyable for her, and she values helping others be aware of what’s going on in the world around them. In her spare time, Josie enjoys drawing, writing, browsing the internet, and playing video games (rhythm games specifically!). She participates in competitive swimming, martial arts, school band (playing the clarinet), and is an avid skier.


Isabel D.

6th Grade

Isabel is a 6th grader at Julius West Middle School. She loves to read and write. she joined Newspaper Club because she wants to get the scoop on JW. She loves her dog Mazey, and her favorite book is Harry Potter. She is currently reading The Hunger Games.

Isabel D.png

Daniel K.

6th Grade

Daniel is a 6th grader at Julius West. His favorite subject in school is probably world studies (history). He also helps people who need support on an assignment. He write articles or stories about things that are interesting to him. Outside of school, he usually rides his bike, feeds his fish, plays games, and reads books.


Shayan K.

6th Grade

Shayan K. is a 6th grader. He thinks that he is a creative, fun, and cool person. He likes the idea of creating new topics and writing for the community, so that is why he joined the Newspaper Club. Some fun facts about him are: he can’t hear with his left ear, he can juggle three balls and do some tricks, and he can solve a 3-by-3 cube in under a minute.


Sachin S.

6th Grade

Sachin is a 6th grader at JWMS. He enjoys watching and playing sports. His favorite sports are baseball and rock climbing. He joined the Newspaper Club because he loves to write and to him it feels like an escape from the world. When not at school, he likes to hang out with his friends and family.

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